11 Best Sitges Holiday Apartment for Ultimate Tropical Luxury

Sitges, one of the most beautiful Catalonian holiday destination has always been favorite, and with the amazing scenery it is no wonder why. Sitges vista boasts amazing sea-views and mountain which never ceases to impress. The spectacular view is even more complemented by the open plan living apartments, which undoubtedly creates the place to hide and unwind from regular busy life. Sitges Holiday Apartments offers guests superior comfort in spacious and stylishly designed living spaces surrounded by incredible mountain and water views.

Recommended Sitges Apartments

Renting a vacation apartment is a popular option in Sitges, Here is a list of most sought-after Sitges holiday apartments located in the center of the city and registered with the tourism authority.

1. Apartment Juan:

The beautiful double bedroom Juan apartment with a large terrace and lots of comfortable sitting and dining option is located centrally in the heart of Sitges. Sitting next to the closest beach, this apartment give an access to popular nightlife and museums of this place.

2. Apartment Francis:

The Francis apartment is a sun-facing flat near the San Sebastian beach and the old town of Sitges. Designed with magnificent beach details, this beautiful apartment catches the Mediterranean right to the large balcony where one can sit and relax for hours.

3. Apartment Ivan:

If you are looking for an ideal beach-front apartment in Sitges, apartment Ivan is no less than anything. Just seconds away from San Sebastian beach and the old town, this apartment on the third floor of new building with a large terrace and sea views, is ideal for catching the most fascinating sea vistas right from your couch.

4. Apartment Diego:

Diego, one of the two bedroom apartments in Sitges, is centrally located 5-minutes walk away from the station and the sea. This elegant, airy apartment boasts a spacious living room with sunny balcony, which faces to the sea and mountains. This apartment is ideal for group accommodation or say families, as it has free parking slots and communal pool and play area.

5. Apartment Helen:

Helen, one of the single bedroom apartment in Sitges makes a stylish accommodation for couples. Located near the San Sebastian Beach and the old town, this apartment on the third floor boasts sea views and a great terrace to relax and bath in the sun.

6. Apartment Gabriel:

Gabriel apartment is a luxurious seaside flat that was designed as a place where elite couples and travelers could holiday in style. The promenade is even located near the lively area and is ideal for strolling the sea views with golden beaches. It’s also lined with great restaurants and enjoying nightlife.

7. Apartment Laura:

Centrally located in the quiet small street of the town, this Sitges Holiday apartment is a just a walk away from the nearest beach and nightlife, and also various museums. Apartment Laura is equipped with fully functional kitchen, en-suite bedroom and a large balcony to sit and dine with style.

8. Apartment Kevin:

With breathtaking ocean and sea-side vistas, apartment Kevin is like a private tropical sanctuary in the heart of the town. The two bedroom flats are lined with beautiful interior and large terrace (with table and sea and a partial sea-view). Guests can unwind, relax and dine under the moonlight.

9. Apartment Eva:

Being in the center of the town, Eva is an exclusive double-bedroom apartment in calm, quiet and serene atmosphere. It’s fully air-conditioned and wi-fi enabled to let you feel relaxed in the lap of nature. Train station and airport are just five minutes walk away from the building.

10. Apartment Carol:

Apartment Carol reflects tropical details from every interior detail. The blue curtains, spotless white interior, rustic wooden furniture and sea-front balcony are ideal for honeymoon or couple getaway. The beach is just one-minute walk away, and guests can have access to nightlife and popular destinations in Sitges.

11. Apartment Ana:

If you fancy amazing scenery, beautiful Catatonian interior and exterior design and superior luxury all set in Sitges, then look no further then Apartment Ana. It’s two extraordinary balcony give an access to seaside vistas and beautiful lifestyle looks. Located in the center of a small quiet street, it just a minute walk from the nearest beach, nightlife and train station.

All these above-mentioned Sitges Holiday Apartments has a few things in common – a modern functional kitchen, spacious bedroom, luxurious bathroom, comfortable sitting and dining space, complementary wi-fi, balcony of terrace, and complete air-conditioning and heating system.

If you are planning for a holiday in Sitges, then take a look at these apartments before making any considerations.

Relax and unwind in a tropical paradise!