3D Jewelry Custom Design Revolutionized the Jewelry Industry

The Introduction of 3D jewelry design has revolutionized the world of jewel art and jewelry design. Computer aided design (CAD) has broken all the barriers and is now used as one of the most important 3D jewelry custom design tools. People in the digital age are keenly interested in new inventions and happy to adopt new things in life to make it more exciting and easy!

CAD is a tool in the arsenal that proficiently nourishes profitability in different industrial sectors and it has hugely benefitted the jewelry industry. This positive benefit of custom jewelry design has captivated the interest of metal-smith and jewel designers hugely as it boosts working efficiency, profit, sales, prestige, and customer base in the work genre.

Let’s peek into some of the key benefits of 3D jewelry custom design that adds an addictive hint of amusement in the collections of jewelry stores and buyers.

  • Provides an improvised reputation within the community
  • Boosts company reputation with free word of mouth advertisement
  • Gains more and more customer loyalty with time
  • At low cost of inventory investment receives higher profit margins
  • Being named among the hubs for custom jewelry gains better customer recognition

Also works influentially to turn dream jewel into real piece

With the following points, elaborate your idea on the revolutionizing technology on how to get the 3D print custom jewelry:

Find An Inspiration:

Do you have any favorite phrase or any favorite symbol that speaks to you? Is there any motto that you live by? Or perhaps a person, animal, or flower with whom several strings are attached. Take some time from your busy course of time and think how it can be converted into a jewel piece that you can easily adorn as a necklace, bracelet or ring. Again, if you have any particular favorite designer take inspiration from their work or else you can also visit some art and design museums to heighten your insight.


Understanding the software is quite important or takes the assistance of the experts available on the internet. But to DIY, you can go ahead with YouTube video, blogs, articles and manual guide on 3D jewelry custom design software or CAD software. With this, get ready to have fun in a three-dimensional pixelated way. But keep in mind, understand the software well to beat frustration and to have fun. If you find it difficult add on some plugins that’ll help create organic surfaces, join push/pull, get round edges, facilitate design process, and manifold your creative potential. Does it sound very techy, good and always remember smart work leads to the amazing result!


While using any software, you have to see into many things and one fair point is the size of the jewel piece. As you use any software, questions will be asked about template you want to work on, whether a large scale project or a small scale piece. For large scale work measurement is done in meters and for small-scale millimeters and inches is preferred. For instance, while designing a ring, check the ring size on Google and figure out its diameter in millimeters. Learn, apply and have fun!

Material to Be Used:

Before you start designing the piece of art, think and research whether you want to work with premium, polished, or raw material. Then think, what the material is going to be – sterling silver, brass, bronze, steel, or gold. After this, comes the phase where you work on wall thickness, wire diameter, minimum clearance for the material, and bounding box. All these points work as a material portfolio for design guidelines to carve out a beautiful jewelry piece.

All the above points tend to avail you the best jewel piece to adorn and flaunt. In the current phase, the technology of 3D jewelry custom design has enabled designers to create some unique and imaginative jewel pieces that would be nearly impossible to create by hand. You may crave for dangling modern jewel or spine shivering fine traditional jewels, 3D printing makes things interesting and possible!