4 Tips to Keep Your Carpet Safe from Pet Stains

Pets are adorable little friends who can make or break your day. Especially when you come home to a surprise wet spot on your carpeting or furniture. Professional pet stain removal is what you need to keep your carpet clean and deodorized, so your pet doesn’t return to his scent. You should opt for a professional pet stain removal service in your Plymouth home at least twice a year. However, you should try cleaning up accidents immediately when you discover them.

Hence, we have some tips for you that will make it a lot easier.

  • Clean the mess instantly. “Instantly” is the word here. Pet stains settle in your carpet quite quickly. Removing it instantly will not allow the stain to settle and there would be less chance of having a lingering smell.
  • Urine is the most difficult to remove, especially if it sits, and has soaked into the carpeting to the pad, or deep into your furniture. So here are some useful tips: Attend to the stain, as soon as possible. Blot all the liquid with a dry towel or rag until it feels dry. Take a small amount of cold water and pour over the area, & blot again with a dry rag, absorbing all the liquid. You have just neutralized the urine and absorbed it from the area. Mix Vinegar and water 50/50 solution in spray bottle, & spray over the area again, and then blot dry with towel. You can even do this two times. Don’t scrub, or use circular motions & stay away from stain removal products.
  • Using special pet urine cleaning products is another option immediately after absorbing the urine, as outlined above. Keep in mind that the smell of your pet’s mess can be very strong and have an impact forever if not cleaned properly. Using the vinegar solution and or baking soda is helpful, with the odor.
  • Using a stain guard after proper cleaning, can also be helpful for many pet parents. There are several stain guards available, Super Steamers uses Dupont ™ Teflon Stain Guard. This product make the fibers of the carpet water repellent, which prevents any kind of liquid spill from penetrating deep down into the carpeting. Now you can absorb the urine from the surface, a lot easier, as directed above.

These are the 4 tips you should keep in mind when getting a pet home. New pet parents often forget the stains the pet can produce due to the excitement of getting an adorable friend. Not just these tips, you should keep in mind that nothing takes the place of the good old professional carpet cleaning. A professional pet stain removal in Plymouth will prove out to be an essential one.

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