5 Homeowners Insurance Tips I’d like to Pass on to you

Moving into your dream home?  You’ll want to protect your investment with homeowners insurance in Rochester, NY.

It’s always a plus to have an insurance agent near you.  For instance, for your Rochester area home, we at InsuranceTrak Services can provide homeowners insurance in Rochester, NY.

Apart from the point of looking for an agent near you, here are 5 tips that would help you get the perfect homeowners insurance in Rochester, NY.

Ask what it covers and doesn’t:

when you are in the process of buying  homeowners insurance in Rochester, NY, make sure you ask the agent about the things that the insurance covers.  If there is something that is maybe even more important, is to ask the agent what the policy doesn’t cover.  A basic policy might cover theft, vandalism and fire, up to some extent.  However, it might not cover other areas like sewer drain back up, power failure, floods etc..   For example, there is a good deal of misconceptions about water damage coverage.   It is, therefore, essential to know “What is covered and what not”.

Always lookout for alternatives:

it is understandable that looking for homeowners insurance can be hectic but you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best for your needs and budget.  Therefore, look for the best insurance agent providing the best insurance policy for the best price. A perfect match will provide you assurance and peace of mind.  Don’t hesitate to shop around and then come to a decision.

Bundling and Discounts:

an insurance agent that is looking out for you will always want to control the cost of your overall insurance coverage. You can ask if they provide bundling or packages of various insurance policies.  Getting bundled or packaged coverage with the same insurance company might reduce the overall cost versus buying from different insurance companies. The same is true with discount as well. You should never hesitate to ask for available discounts (like for a home security system). You might be surprised at the money you can save.

Know the time limit to file a claim:

often, there is a time limit on filing claims.  You should be careful in this aspect.  Before purchasing the insurance, make sure you know the maximum time allowed to file a claim. In case you are late to file the claim, there is a chance you might not get the benefits from the policy.  You should ask your agent about any time limit before buying the policy.

Make a record of everything:

this is one of the most important tips anyone can give you when talking about homeowners insurance in Rochester, NY.  There have been instances where a claim has been denied due to the lack of records.  Taking pictures of the inside and outside of your house and important personal property, keeping receipts of higher ticket items, making note (electronically and/or on paper) of all things you feel are the most important to you, will make any claim much easier to resolve.

These are 5 important tips that you should keep in mind when planning to get homeowners insurance in Rochester, NY.   Not just Rochester- it holds true for every city and state.   Following these tips will help you get the proper insurance policy that will, in turn, help you during your time of need.  Later on, you will be glad to pass on these tips to your future generations and anyone who asks.