5 Most Amazing Bridal Silhouettes for Your Theme Based Weddings

Weddings are the most anticipated moment of one’s life, and every couple likes it to be unique and different from others. They look out for some special style and fashion that are appreciated by the guests and live up the moment.

If you have noticed, many weddings are categorized on their themes and style these days. Rustic, vintage, classic, destination, seaside and other themes are quite common around New Yorkers. Each of these wedding styles defines a certain aesthetic varying with different elemental factors – venue, décor, type of reception, and on and on. However, brides do ignore the fact that wedding dress constitutes the most important part of a themed wedding. There are different styles and different silhouettes of wedding dresses in NYC for every wedding style. Selection of a themed based wedding is necessary, as it will match up with all other element of wedding day.

Here are few suggestions to accomplish while selecting your bridal dress for a themed wedding.

Vintage Wedding:

Vintage inspired weddings themes are timeless and elegant. This type of wedding style captures the glamour of the 20’s, the rock and roll energy of 50’s, or the free spirited vibes of 70’s. If you’re going the vintage route, lace is a must: Look for a gown with a modern twist, with matching bolero and sheer sleeves. A muted color palette with ivory, slate grey, rose, and gold is soft and pretty.

Rustic-Chic Wedding:

A Rustic-Chic Wedding theme showcases a natural landscape in the garden, country or vineyard. These themes incorporate a contemporary décor, the aisle runner is mostly decorated with reclaimed woods and soft petals are decorated creatively for an earthly feel. So, in order to keep the natural theme, choose a long chiffon mermaid dress in neutral hues for an eclectic impact. Team it with sweet floral garland!

Classic Romance Wedding:

Classic Romantic wedding themes are timeless and impressive. This theme does not dates back to 50’s, it the blends a classic touch of romance with modern style of decoration for more uniqueness. If you’re going with this theme, select a dramatic fit-and-flare wedding gown in white with silver and golden accents, or choose a pale pink for a romantic look. Add some crystal detailing near the waistline and netted throb to look like an angel.

Seaside Celebration:

A beach themed wedding showcases a serene and coastal approach with crisp whites, greens and blues, or goes all-out with vibrant yellows and oranges. From seashell bouquets to starfish décor, there are so many fantastic things to do with seaside wedding. So, definitely a beach wedding calls for a dress that is light, breezy and off-course ultra pretty. You can select from a modified A-line gown, A-line gown, trumpet style or mermaid one.

Festive Weddings:

Festive wedding brings out the wildest fantasies. We are drawn with Technicolor lights, the grand sense of celebration and elaborate ornamentation. And, this is the perfect excuse to go out with a bit of glitz and glamour. Select gorgeous dresses with metallic details or sequins for a regal outlook.  You can go for some bold colors like red or wine to add a preppy image.

And finally, if you are still clueless about your wedding gown style, enlist the help from a professional designer of wedding dresses in NYC. There are so many amazing designers out there. These designers help brides to select the best designs, according to the wedding style, and cut the best silhouette for them. And those designs are undoubtedly amazing. You can pick any designer from Designer Loft NYC for your themed wedding reception.