5 Myths Demystified about Handmade Silk Scarves

The aura of handmade silk scarves tends to get extended to the personality of the individual wearing it. They certainly have an artistic value attached to them, which is rarely found in any other kinds of scarves or for that matter shawls. However, there are several myths, which surround silk scarves and shawls as well.

Here’s presenting you a list of factors, which could lay the myths to rest and help you discover the facts about handmade silk scarves.

Myth#1 – The inevitable square pattern

This is one of the most common perceptions, which people hold about the silk scarves. However, the fact is, handmade silk scarves are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and they are surely not restricted to a particular kind only. In fact, you can freely have a say on the type of look you precisely want. No doubt square scarf is quite a popular style, for which, this has left a strong impression in people’s mind, nevertheless, you can take your pick from the wide-ranging silk scarves exists in longer and wider designs.

Myth#2 – Limitation in use

A complete myth, which needs to be debunked right away! Silk scarves are quite versatile to use and there are a multitude of ways to infuse it in your attire. Besides the fact that they can be adorned in different manners, they can as well be tied in various unique styles. With silk scarves, you can even experiment with decorating your hair, hat and of course bags.

Myth #3 – Handmade silk scarves fail to warm in winter

Silk is one of the most premium fabrics that are widely used to highlight the lining of garments. No doubt silk looks absolutely gorgeous and easily becomes a defining feature, however that’s not the only reason as to why silk is used. They are rather infused for their insulating properties. Additionally silk is deemed as one of the warmest fabrics, thus rejecting the theory that they don’t keep warm in winter.

Myth #4 – Difficult to maintain well

This is surely far from the reality, as silk can easily be taken care of without any extensive effort. Basically, all that is required to maintain the handmade silk scarves are; they can be cleaned with a basic process of hand wash and mild soap solution. And in order to enhance the sheen of the silk, you just have to add a little vinegar to the silk, while rinsing it for the final time. By following this simple method, you can eliminate the parts of soap that could set in the item and furthermore brightens up the texture of the fabric beautifully. So, the notion that silk scarves are difficult to take care of can be put to rest for once and all through this explanation.

Myth#5 – Silk scarves have prohibitive price tags

Truth be told, this might not be a myth, however, the ground reality behind its high cost may make you realize that the price actually is quite favorable. There is a massive process involved in producing the silk and the handmade silk used by the skilled artisans surely holds a lot of significance, which definitely is not a small thing to pull off. Needless to state, in comparison with the effort that goes behind, the cost factor is too diminutive to consider.

Keen to get one? Go for it without letting the myths stop you. Handmade silk scarves are the best thing to have and they surely can add a touch of grace to your persona.