5 Ways To Style Your Bracelet

Headed for a party? Or a date?

Think that a bracelet won’t go with the outfit? Well, one particular style might not, but others… why not? There are a wide variety of options to choose from.

A well chosen men’s cuff bracelet can change your looks and make you look more masculine. While bracelets are considered more feminine, but why should it be? Men can pull off a bracelet as much a woman can.

This blog talks about 5 ways through which you can style up your bracelet and slay that everyday look.

Read on…

The Solid Braid

A solid braided black leather cuff bracelet is considered as a main stream punk style. This design will blend with a variety of outfit. Pair it up with a black T-shirt, blue jeans or with a brown jacket. Colored leather jacket can be an option if the guy wants to show off a bit culture and style to pair with a black leather cuff. The blazer coat and shoes combination is also a good option to match a bracelet.

The simple look

It is not mandatory to wear a leather cuff bracelet every time. You can also try metal bracelet for a modern look. Wearing a simple accessory doesn’t make you look extra, and it can team up with every situation. These are great as a part of everyday outfits. Despite of its simple design, the metal bracelets can also be paired with funky sweaters and a pair of jeans.

The Bohemian Look

You can also give yourself a free spirited look with the classic boho styled bracelets. You can add beads and colors to your black leather cuffs and transform the look. Stay open to creativity and steal the best look in town. You can also add components like seashells and mussels create a perfect summer look.

The Bold look

If you are fashionista and want to create a trendsetter look, then a bold look is perfect for you. Accessorize your wrist with some black leather cuff along with some other form of chunky bracelets and you can immediately ramp up your everyday look. Highlight your passion and make a statement to your otherwise normal outfit.

The Edgy look

Create your own style statement and transform your look with a chunky bracelet. Big bracelets or large black leather cuffs look very daring and edgy, especially when you pair them with an all-black outfit. Not only does it stand out, but also adds a spark to your personality.

Variety is the spice of life. So instead of getting stuck on one particular style, try out various ways to pull off a sexy bracelet for men.