7 Important Questions to ask Before Hiring Drainlaying Contractors

Drainlayers are the professional you call when something connected to water drainage system is out of whack in your house. Whether the homeowners are navigating an unfortunate drainage damage or clogged drains, or a serious water hammer problem, it is critical to choose qualified drainlaying contractor in Auckland, after all it is the most valuable asset of yours.

Finding the right contractor for drainlaying project involves good deal of research and careful attention to details, to assure quality workmanship, fair pricing and trust. But before paying thousand and thousand of dollars for Drainlayers Auckland, you need to be damned sure that they are doing the right job and won’t leave a disaster in hand.

So, how do you find a reputable contractor who can complete the job on time and under budget? Ask some open-ended questions before making a hiring decision. Here are a list of 7 important questions one should ask before hiring a contractor:

For how long the company have been in business?

Bureau statistic shows that more than 90% of drainlaying in Auckland go out of business after five year. This leaves customer in-assured and unsatisfied. The best way to predict their warranties and service is to check-out for how long the company has been into business. Most reputed companies offers tenure and satisfaction. Remove poorly reputed companies from your sorted list to avoid future problem.

Does the company holds a license?

New Zealand drainlaying contractors need to posses a state license for smooth business operation. Unlicensed drainlayers are open to no legal recourse in case of any failure, and abrogates the warranty. So, its important to check the license number, instead of trusting them blindly.

Is the company insured?

Every drainlayers in Auckland need to be licensed and insured to avoid inadvertent damages. All contractors need to carry liability and worker’s compensation, if something goes wrong while working. Ask their current license and insurance.

What do they specialize in?

Many drainlaying companies offers myriad of service such as residential, public, commercial, and landscaping. A thorough to their specialization could give better idea about whom to hire and why to hire.

What will be the total repairing cost?

Ask your contractor about the total cost structure before the project starts. Be leery of the contractor who tries to give price quote over the phone, without verifying the property. Go for a tailored estimation about cost and time duration involved in the project. Stay away from unscrupulous contractors who demands large payment, in the name of license and insurance.

Does the company charge for travel?

Nowadays, some companies started to charge for transportation. So, it’s fair enough to ask before to avoid further confusions.

How many satisfied client references and testimonials do they have?

The best way to find out a company’s work is often to ask for references they have worked with. Ask for references of customers who have had similar work done with them. Don’t hire a contractor who can’t put you in touch with previous customer.

Proper interview is essential to pick the right contractor. Ask as many questions you want and select the one who can answer and explain the process to fortify customer satisfaction.