A Guide to Exotic Looking Budget Wedding, But Near Your Home!

When it comes to weddings, everyone is pepped up and excited about the whole thing. However, there are several elements to a grand wedding that no one acknowledges. Elements such as getting a proper accommodation within budget can become overwhelming. Many people plan to go abroad for their wedding and make the destination an exciting one. However, it is not possible on everyone’s part. Sometimes, some wishes can’t be realized. In such times, a Finger Lakes wedding accommodation turns out to be a boon in disguise. There are several benefits of getting to a place which is within the city limits.

Are you excited by the prospect of getting a great wedding accommodation within your budget and close to city limits? Well, here are some ideas to find the perfect location and make it look even better.

Try Famous Natural Locations Near Your Area:

There are plenty natural locations that are qualified to look like any exotic place. All you need to do is find a place which fits your idea and also, look out for the required permission. For instance, if you are from NYC, the best place would be the Finger Lakes. Every place has some locations like this. Go ahead and show your local expertise.

Look Out For Accommodation:

In most places, you will find accommodation available. However, for locations where there is no accommodation, you might get a makeshift for the wedding ceremony. You will need some permissions from the local authority and you need to make sure it is safe. You can get the required information from the authorities. This will be a way to look at your city in a new light.

Check Transportation:

When it is a wedding, there will be a need of transport every now and then. From the decoration to the guests, everything has to be transported. Whichever location you are selecting for your adventurous wedding ceremony, make sure it has the ability to withstand regular transport. Accordingly, make arrangements to make it smooth for everyone involved.

Makeshift Decor:

The decor holds a lot of importance in a wedding and you should be prepared to make it the best. There must be a gazillion ideas in your mind regarding the decoration, but make sure you use material which can be removed and transported easily. Since it is a local destination wedding, be prepared for the adversities as well. On the other hand, if the accommodation available at the location is good enough you don’t need to worry about anything.

Keeping all these things in mind, it seems that the best idea is to look out for an already available wedding accommodation. However, getting something makeshift makes it interesting for an adventurous couple. It also stays as a memory for a long time. The choice is yours to make. We are CobTree Vacation Rentals and we provide Finger Lakes wedding accommodation at affordable prices. We can help you out together a lovely wedding for you in our accommodation. Here are some reasons why our accommodation is a great idea.

Near city premises:

Being present within the easy-to-reach limits of NYC, it is a great spot. It is easier for transport and won’t take a lot of effort as well.

Scenic beauty:

Even though the proximity of the Finger Lakes is extremely close to the NYC, the beauty of this place is surreal.

Less pollution:

With an environment so clean, you will find yourself much more relaxed and ready to take the big step.


Imagine moving to the Hawaiian islands for your wedding. In that comparison, Finger Lakes wedding accommodation is much more affordable.

These are some reasons you should give a thought to our Finger Lakes wedding accommodation. Lush green fields and pollution free environment can make anyone happy. Moreover, when it comes to a wedding, people would prefer a quaint place. This is where our Finger Lakes accommodation stands apart.