Basic Questions to Ask Before Signing up for Auto Insurance

So, finally, you are at the stage where you can buy yourself a new car. The driving lessons and tests are completed and you are confident enough to hit the road. But, there is something that needs to be taken care of before hitting the road confidently, and that is insurance. Auto insurance is a must for everyone who owns a vehicle. As a first timer, you might be confused when faced with all the variables of auto insurance. There are many agents available to offer you auto insurance in Rochester, NY, but we can point out some suggestions that will help you make an informed decision.

Here are some questions that will make it easier for you to choose an auto insurance provider:


The first question that you should ask is “What type of insurance do you need?” This is a question that you should ask yourself before signing the documents. All the states in the US have their own limits when it comes to auto insurance, and some states mandate the amount of auto liability coverage. When you are at-fault in an accident, there is property damage and bodily injuries to deal with. Insurance policies in different states have different stances for this. For instance, if you are looking for auto insurance in Rochester, NY, be sure you are applying for the right type of coverage mandated by New York State.


Another question that you should ask is about risk in relation to your age and driving experience. Auto insurance providers take into consideration risk assessment based on factors like age, sex, occupation, etc. If you are a first timer, there may be a higher chance of an accident. Higher risk comes with a higher premium. Hence, you should understand risk factors and how they affect your insurance cost.

Who is covered under your policy:

You need to ask who will be covered under your policy. If a first time driver is added to your existing policy, the premium would be increased to cover the new driver. You might also need to list them in your policy. Know who your policy covers.


When you face an accident, the insurance policy usually doesn’t pay the entire amount of the loss. You generally need to pay a certain pre-agreed amount called the deductible. This will be paid by you when repairing vehicle damage. You need to make sure the deductible amount you choose at the time of application will be affordable to you later on in the event of an accident.

Mode of payment:

Before investing in auto insurance, you need to ask about the various payment options available to you. There are generally flexible payment options available that would help you tailored the way you pay your bills so that your premium will always be on time. For instance, say you have opted for auto insurance in Rochester, NY, and you are in Texas for some work, auto pay direct debit would help you in paying the premium on time and with ease.

These are many questions that you should be asking the insurance provider and yourself before investing money in your auto policy. Apart from the above-stated questions, make sure of the physical presence of a nearby agency and also ask for any discounts that might be applicable. Your agent will explain the basic insurance requirements in your state together with all the options available. For residents of Rochester, look for the best auto insurance available in Rochester, NY and do not shy away from asking many questions.