Bathtub: A Perfect Step to Spa-Like Experience at Your Own Den

Bathrooms are no more a necessity rather a luxury option. People are no more satisfied with the regular showers, mirror, bathtubs, and commodes, but love the hint of technology in their bathroom assets for a blend of functionality and relaxation. The bathroom is that part of the house, where we relax in solitude from the mundane life and bathtub is quintessential that enhances the spa-like experience in your own home.

If you are ready to install a bathtub, the options are endless and can select from a plethora of bathtub styles and materials that satisfies your core and the budget. The inclusion of best bath heater, correct accessories, products and expert installation will surely turn your decision into a perfect admiration. From the bathtub options, select the option that complements your den:

Free-Standing Bathtubs:

If your bathroom is spacious, opt for a free-standing bathtub. Place it in the mid or near the window to make a statement. You can go ahead and experiment with the shape, size, and material that permits customization with diversification in requirement. In this system, pipes remain exposed, so ask the bathroom renovation contractor to get the one that complements the space.

Drop-In Bathtubs:

This one is set below the floor level. The bathroom remodeler or constructors, dig a deck like structure for bathtub installation. The plumbing system is covered for a perfect finish and the rim of the bathtub remains visible. It’s a smart choice when your home is spacious!

Standard Alcove Bathtubs:

It’s the common one that is 60 inches long and 30 inches wide. If your bathroom is narrow, small and bounded by three walls – Standard Alcove is the best option! Remember to buy a bathtub drain and bath heater that matches the faucet.

Claw-Foot Bathtubs:

It’s an evergreen option! It’s a free-standing bathtub that has the freedom of installation anywhere anytime. These bathtubs enhance the elegant and luxurious look of any bathroom. These are mostly made of cast iron but the use of porcelain enamel on the surface increases its cost. You can also go for inexpensive acrylic option available in the market today!

Walk-In Bathtubs:

You can get into it through the entrance door, which is an easy and safe option. Usually, it’s ideal for elderly people or the one having difficulty getting into a standard bathtub. It includes hand-bars and seats for ease. If this is your choice over the other bathtubs, then make sure you mention the requirement of the quick draining facility of the water for clean and clear bath experience.

Whirlpool Bathtubs:

If you want to double up the massage experience, then look for no other option than whirlpool bathtub. It uses motors to release water through the jets and enhance the massage experience. With its deep-tissue massage technology, it’s a perfect option for sore muscles. Options are high in these bathtubs, such as number of jets, pressure level adjustment, etc. In some, the jet location can also be adjusted according to client’s requirement.

Soaking Bathtubs:

If you desire of bubble bath, the soaking bathtub is the perfect option! The soaking bathtub is bigger and wider than standard bathtub for complete satisfaction. Being big, it requires a large amount of water, so ask the contractor for large capacity bath heater to keep the water hot. Otherwise, buy an in-line heater soaking bathtub. It’ll heat and re-circulate the water for a perfect spa-like experience.

From the above, it can be concluded that if your parents are old and you are thinking of a bathroom renovation, then walk-in bathtub will suffice their health needs. Standard alcove bathtub requires smaller space. A claw-foot will add elegance to your royalty. Soaking and whirlpool bathtubs are perfect for at home spa time. There are many options, when opting for a bathtub. While calculating the budget along with the bathtub, the buyer needs to consider the expense on faucets and bath heater. After making your decision and before installation, consult with bathroom renovation contractor for a complete spa-like experience in your own bathroom.