10 To-Dos in New York City before Stepping in Your Thirties

New York is the city that never sleeps. To treasure, the best time of life, miss some sleepy weekends and hit the best places in NYC. Whether you are new to New York or born to this beautiful city, there are certain things that you need to enjoy before entering your 30s. Start by hopping the best rooftop bars in New York to check-in best touristy spots around the corner.

The to-dos added to the list can be done at any age, but 20’s give the best experience. Check the list:

#1 Enjoy a Broadway Show

Witness Broadway show and you will find each of them resonates differently and talk to you in an individual manner. The best thing to attend them in your 20’s is you connect to the teenage characters present all around!

#2 Drive to Niagara Falls

You can’t imagine the best adieu to your teenage than by driving with your friends 400 miles to Niagara Falls. A road trip partnered with besties and Route 66 road. It’s a happening thing to-do before graduating university and stepping out into the ‘real world’.

#3 Discover Your Ideal Rooftop Bar

New Yorkers are in love with the summers, just because of the amazing range of the best rooftop bars in New York. Whether you’re in the downtown roofs or the midtown rooftop bars among the skyscrapers or rooftops along the waterfront in Brooklyn and Queens, everyone can have their personal favorite rooftop bars. In your 20s hop around all the rooftop bars to discover your own favorite summertime vibe.

#4 Watch the Sunrise

It is well said that things get harder the older you get. So take full advantage of your abilities to survive late night in the 20s. Stay up full night, just to witness incredible sunrise with your friends from different spots of New York City.

#5 Spend a Day in Park

In the summer, people pile up onto the great lawns of NYC to have a soothing evening. Spend your days with parents or friends finding the best corners of the less visited parks to have a special corner to spend your good and bad moments. To tune your fun mode ON, get armed with blankets, cooler of beers, and frisbee! Options are high – Central Park, Prospect Park, Forest Park, Pelham Bay Park, and many more.

#6 Flea Markets

At this place, you can experience that “one man’s trash is a treasure for another”. Those who need a proof for this clichéd line, walk towards one of New York’s many flea markets. For instance, try Brooklyn Flea market for its fun goods starting from art and jewelry, antiques, records, to vintage clothes. Along with shopping in flea markets indulge in the food extravaganza to sate your appetite!

#7 Favorite Beach Affairs

New York City is a land of sand and parties. You can preferentially spend time on Coney Island, Jones Beach or the Rockaways for a great summertime. But need to reach early to claim your spot on the sand. So get there early with your friends and settle over the best square feet of beach to enjoy reading books, sipping beers, playing games, or tasting beachy grubs like burgers and fish tacos.

#8 Grand Central

It’s a point of commute in and out every day. Take some time and explore the beauty this historic building holds.

#9 Yankee Stadium

People of all ages love baseball, so whether a fan of Mets or Yankees – a visit to the Yankee Stadium will surely blow your mind with the fun game. And remember being above 21 means you can enjoy a beer with the game!

#10 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Its Thanksgiving, hence cold, crowded, and wait for hours to witness the fun. If you are away from your family in New York City, make the best use of the situation and hit midtown to watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Love it!

Taste the best of New York in your 20’s and let the flavors be a part of your life until the end. Live the moment to enjoy the best rooftop bars in New York, parade, baseball matches, park scenario, and more. Enjoy!!!