Common Truck Defects that Cause Accidents

Truck accidents are scary and one doesn’t really think about them. However, that doesn’t mean that huge 18 wheeler accidents don’t happen. These accidents happen and one has to be careful enough to be safe. We don’t say that it is your mistake if there is a truck accident, but there are some areas where you can be careful and avoid a fatal accident. Even in case you or a loved one is involved in a truck accident, make sure you get in touch with an 18 wheeler accident attorney in Pecos Texas. Even though you are careful and the truck driver is careful, there are situations where there might be an issue with the machine itself leading to a severe accident.

Here, we walk you through some of the most common reasons for truck accidents in terms of defects. These defects might or might not result in fatal accidents, but keeping them in mind might help you some day or the other.

Brake Problems:

Brake issues are the most common issues that deter a truck from being safe on the roads. Significant brake problems might result in severe accidents leading to the loss of life and property on a huge scale. Trucks are generally way too heavier than any other machine and that results in the reduction of braking. That means a truck might take more than longer than normal to stop even when brakes are applied at full force. Apart from this, the obvious inefficiency of brakes also comes to play. Though you can’t really do anything in such a situation, looking for the signs might help.

Tire Problems:

Apart from the brakes, another major area of defects in trucks is the tires. The torn and tired tires might mean that there are severe chances of the heavy machine skidding off track and getting out of control. In such situations, it is safe to keep an adequate distance from the big vehicle. Several trucking companies re-cap or re-tread tires rather than purchase new tires. This along with improper or uneven tire wear or tire pressure can cause the tires to heat up and shed layers. With heated tires, the chance of the tire breaking off in the middle of the road gets way too higher.

Cargo Shift:

While most cargos are lawfully needed to carry a considerable amount of weight in them, the material being carried has the potential to shift the cargo in an undesirable manner. In the case of a cargo shift, the truck is in a precarious condition. Though this is not necessarily an equipment or parts issue, it is serious and should be taken care of. The cargo shift gets in the way when the truck swerves or maneuvers in a direction. Fishtailing is a commonplace due to cargo shifts. In case you are driving close to a cargo, make sure you are at a safe distance. Avoid tailgating as much as possible in such situations.

These aforementioned conditions might be the result of neglected maintenance, but create havoc on the roads. One has to be extremely careful when driving near a big 18 wheeler. Things can go wrong at any time and you should be prepared for it. In case you face any truck accident, make sure the second call is placed to an experienced 18 wheeler accident injury attorney in Pecos, Texas. The attorney will guide you through and bring justice to the table.