CUE Trading Systems – A Complete Approach to Investing and Trading Successfully

With the changing economic condition, many traders and investors are constantly searching for a reliable global trading system. An investing system that can predict the changes in industry rotation and looks at the stocks holistically using price moves, as well as fundamentals, is really helpful in the current demanding market.

You may find the most innovative, deep as well as easy to use the system in CUE suite of products.

Here are five best CUE tools to drill down the market to find the best opportunities. It is time to learn how to trade stocks in any market in any country; be it for long-term investing or for short-term trading.

CUE Scorecard:

This is an innovative web-based top-down analysis tool that will help you identify stock and industry strength in minutes.

CUE Scorecard includes industry rotation analysis from where you can drill-down to underlying stocks. A visual heat map shows industry strength and weaknesses instantly.

The simple, color-coded, stock valuation report gives complete information about the growth, valuation, dividend, short squeeze, earnings quality and much more, all using color codes so you can respond intuitively to what is going on in the stocks.

CUE Edge:

A useful trading tool used to drill-down the industry to its stocks in real-time. CUE Edge carries out complete top to down analysis, it uses a visual heat map to show the strength and weaknesses of an industry/sector in seconds and in real-time.

CUE Vital:

This is a state-of-the-art stock fundamental and peers analysis tool to evaluate the global stocks and its ranking across different country, sector, industry and global peers. It instantly identifies strong and weak stocks using valuation and growth scorecard and shows the data using intuitive color coding. The detailed stock metrics and comprehensive color coding studies give instant information about price performance, fundamental parameters and growth metric etc. Use CUE Vital and be your own fundamental analyst.

CUE Global:

Trade all instruments, stocks, futures, forex, options etc. using a uniform approach. Use CUE Global for global markets for long term investing, short term and any day trading. CUE Global is extremely robust and easy to use at the same time; it enables investors and traders to face every market condition (trending, sideways etc.) safely and confidently. The system features task-specific uniform color coded templates and sonar scans to complete the trading task in few minutes. With the help of CUE global trading system, easily identify trade setups at the right edge of the chart. With complete confidence.

CUE Elite:

This provides a complete USA technical trading system to analyze and trade on the same platform. CUE Elite analyzes trade setup for USA stocks for long term investing, short term trading as well as for day trading. The chart templates are action specific and readymade. You don’t have to fiddle with those. Use sonar scans to go through hundreds of stocks in real-time, and hone in on the best trade setups in minutes. CUE Elite is amazing in performance as well as in ease of use; free yourself from any confusion and hassle of setting parameters and comparing values with thresholds. Trade using visual colors on charts.

Make the transition to being a successful trader and investor in the global stock markets with robust and objective tools and techniques that are proven over and over again. CUE systems can make all the differences that you are waiting for. Be your own trade analyst, lower risk and maximize returns. Leave the trading related hard works to the CUE tools while you simply follow them with discipline. Free up time in the process to do other things in life.