Everything You Need to Know about Digital C Prints

When it comes to photographic prints you need something higher in quality especially if you are going to use the prints for commercial purposes. There are many options when it comes to printing photos for arts, but the digital C prints are growing in popularity for many reasons.

The digital C printing offers quality and a lot of options that other inkjet printing option does not. You can get your photographs printed in a variety of papers from Glossy, matter to deep matte to metallic to Duraflex printing papers.

Here are some important things about the digital C prints that you ought to know:

What is Digital C Prints?

The C in the Digital prints stand for Chromogenic. The Chromogenic color prints are full color photographs produced using conventional chemicals and processes. In this photographic print process the materials is exposed to the lasers or high intensity LED lights and then the passing color lights through a negative into the photographic paper. Digital C prints in NYC are quite popular with the professionals and for the residential photo prints as well.

Wet Chemical Process

Chromogenic photographic printing is based on wet chemical process. The papers used in C Prints are also different than the conventional papers and have layers of silver halide emulsion. Its forms a visible color image upon reaction with a special color developer. Even though it is an advanced printing technique it still used the old technique of darkroom printing process. Unlike the digital prints printed on the inkjet printers, the Digital C Prints are developed using chemicals.

You get to be a part of it

Many artist and professional photographers including the fashion photographers like to see the process so that they can get the final products as they want. You can rent the studio or printer on the location itself and the technicians will help you in creating the prints you want. This is one of the reasons why digital C Prints in NY is so popular. You can see the mock-up before finalizing the print. You can give your input to ensure your finals prints are exactly like the way you want.

Digital C Prints in NY is one of the best options for getting quality prints. They are versatile, efficient and offer quality prints for all kinds of purposes. They are also highly affordable.