Enhance the Value of Fold Over Business Cards with Simple Add-Ons

First impressions last long, especially in business. You only get some seconds to ensure that your impression is positive. Implementation of a well designed template and complementing colors in fold over business cards is the right step towards strong impression.

A smart business card is not just an information tool for prospects but an opportunity to create connections on a personal level. These small pocket-sized business cards enhance your value by conveying who you are and what exactly you do in the most meaningful way.

How to enhance the value of business with fold over business cards?

With this custom design business cards build the foundation by adding key details to your card. In the blog ahead, see five different simple add-on ideas that’ll transform your business card from a mere colored paper to a powerful connection agent and draw business prospects like needles to a magnet.

1. Company’s Logo and Tagline

Before thinking about any information that goes on your business card, ensure on the spacing of company’s logo and tagline. Being a business extension agent, the card needs to reflect your business identity to prospects through different shapes, colors, and words that your business revolves around.

Make the logo and tagline placement prominent enough, so that anyone with your business card between their finger tip should recognize your brand instantly, whenever they see your portfolio, website, newsletter, or brick-and-mortar store.

2. Contact Information

Contact information is the most vital add-on of a business card. If you want prospect clients to contact you, convey them ‘how to reach you’ with proper contact information. Remember to keep in mind the word ‘DIRECT’ for an absolute point-of-contact!

Fold over business cards have a tendency to establish personal connection between the card holder and prospect. If you can’t afford to lose this connection, avoid printing generic email addresses and phone numbers where prospect has to go through digital menu and different operators to reach you. Give a personal touch with direct contact information for the best impression and profitable growth!

Is inclusion of physical street address important? Yes, only if the brick-and-mortar shop or studio plays a crucial role in the business. For example, if you’re a photographer, who shoots people around, mentioning state on the card is necessary. Again, if you’re a copywriter, putting your business address is simply irrelevant because they work from wherever there’s internet.

3. Name and Job Title

Crucial, isn’t it? But many business card holders do it wrong. Let’s discuss NAME first – it doesn’t need to add your genealogical information but as an introduction to people, who may be interested talking to you about your business.

Now the JOB TITLE – Being an entrepreneur, owner of small business, or freelancer, you might wear many hats in your business world. Which one to mention on your business cards? Note the one that potentially describes your main function in the company – this increases your chances of getting hired by prospects.

For instance, people print their job titles as Video Masters, which doesn’t tell whether you are a videographer or a script writer or a video editor – this becomes simply unhelpful leading to land in the trash can. Hence, after mentioning your functional title, keep the position credentials on the business card.

4. Inscribe Website

Why is it necessary to put web address on the business card? Not just to show off but to let impressed and interested prospects reach you soon by typing your website in their browsers to discover more about your work.

Why not link them to a page that describes your business better with welcoming message or a recorded introductory video. Play smart!

5. Add Social Media Profiles

On fold over business cards, include your social media profiles. It’s crucial because social media platforms are indispensable part of business. If you’re not active on social media, you may shift a step lower in the eyes of prospects.

This doesn’t mean you need to print all your social media accounts on the cards. Be strategic and list out the social media platforms where you are most active and where prospects can get a good taste of your work.

On your fold over business card reflect your creative side that expresses you the best! And forget not to follow these simple yet smart add-ons for the best impression.