Exploring the Unspoiled Charm and Natural Beauty of Bald Head Island, NC

Bald Head Island, or historically Smith Island, is an island with picturesque nature and scenic adventures near the east side of the Cape Fear River. The island is overloaded with lush-green vegetation and marsh maritime landscape.

Bald Head Island was once a hideout for notorious pirates like Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet. Bald Head Island offers many different kinds of accommodations for those seeking asylum from the everyday. It’s aparadise foreco-lovers with numerous nature preserves. Bald Head Island is home to one of the largest sea turtle nesting sites in North Carolina and is listed as one of the National Maritime Fisheries Service’s “index beaches”. The island has a total area of 5.8 square miles. Houses for sale on Bald Head Island, NC vary in both size and style. There are no cars allowed on the island and transportation is by golf cart only. This island could be your family’s perfect getaway from the regular hustle and bustle of city life. The Island has four distinct habitats:

Beach and Sand Dunes:

There are 14 miles of beaches on the island with the north side consisting of marshland. Beach goers can enjoy a long stretch of sandy coastline along the Cape Fear. The island is home to the oldest lighthouse in the state, fondly known as “Old Baldy”. If you climb the 108 steps of the lighthouse, you have a 360 degree view of state’s southernmost barrier and its offerings.

Maritime Forests:

Bald Head Island has a subtropical eco-system due to the warm waters of the gulf stream, and it is a home to exceptional animal life and many plant species found nowhere else in the state. If you walk around the sabal palms, live oaks, cedars, junipers and wax myrtle at Bald Head Woods State Reserve, you can view the east coast’s largest maritime forests. People from all over the world visit Bald Head Island to view the over 260 species of birds that have been documented there. Snowy egrets, brown pelicans and vibrantly colored painted buntings are commonly visible on this island.

Freshwater Lagoons:

Bald Head Island is home to many freshwater lagoons. These lagoons are home to many marine wildlife including the occasional alligator.

Saltwater marshes:

Bald Head is in close proximity to the Gulf Stream, and is covered with saltwater marshes that are frequently submerged by the tides and contain many plant growing minerals that stimulate plant growth in the area. These lands are protected with necessary measures to help in adventurous sports such as kayaking, boating and fishing.

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