Fun Things to Do in Hollywood with Family & Kids

Los Angeles is an amazing destination for holiday goers, especially with kids and family. There are several place to spend quality times, however, kids mostly love for luxury Hollywood tours in LA. Hollywood is full of hundred of neighborhoods so having fun is little different here. It’s important, to book car for exploring the hidden treasure such as the El Capitan Theatre, La Brea Tar Pits, and the locals favorite Olvera Street and Griffith Park, without missing the must dos, like Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Here’s a hand-picked list of things to do in Hollywood with kids and family –

Take Tour around Hollywood Walk of fame

Hollywood walk of fame is justifiably one of the best tourist destinations for family and kids to see their favorite Hollywood stars from close. Located in Hollywood boulevard between La Brea Avenue and Vine Street of LA, this place witnesses many street performances, trinket sellers, costume movie characters on weekends. However, the Hollywood Boulevard streets are quite easy to stroll on weekdays. No admission fee is required or operating cost is required. Just book your car from best tout operators and travel around.

Watch Disney Movies at El Capitan Theater

The EI Captain Theatre is definitely kid’s favorite place, as they can watch famous Disney movies in the theatre. And, it is also famous for its Disney Store and Soda Fountain. You can stop by there in your luxury vehicle and taste some frozen treats on the way back from Hollywood Boulevard. This place is just on the right side of Hollywood Boulevard and almost closest to Hollywood’s most popular attractions. Customize Hollywood tour according to preferred destination and hourly packages.

Book Star Home Tours

Take a personalized private tour in a luxury vehicle to streets of start homes, where you can see stars from today as well as yesterday. Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Swift, Keanu Reeves, Michael Jackson, and Lucille Ball, and house of famous stars are easily accessible. But, while hiring cars for celebrity home tour, keep one thing in mind that all vehicles are not allowed to enter. Only luxury cars are easily accessible to the streets. So, always prefer luxury car operators who deal with comfort travelling for all size of guests.

Let’s Drive to Famous Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign is world-fame, which was created in year 1923 for a real estate advertisement. Originally, it was written as “Hollywoodland”, but over the time it went on for some modifications and renovations with an investment of about $250,000. The famous celebrities Alice Cooper, Andy Williams and Hugh Hefner made huge contribution, and then the sign was restructured in year 1978 as “Hollywood”. Drive to the famous spot with your Hollywood tour guide and have some memorable pictures with the famous letters behind.

Book seats for Live TV Show Tapings

Many live Hollywood show tapings are mostly open for adults only. Although, there’s one platform where young guests at invited without age restrictions. Book free shows of Nickelodeon’s Figure it Out and The Thundermans, or game shows like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune for kids above 8 years of age. But, before any booking please cross-check the age restrictions. Take for example of Kids Choice Awards; it restricts kids from age between 10-15 years only. Also, book tickets online from trusted websites. Ticket booking does not ensure confirmation or sure admission; sometimes shows cancel bookings after overbooking. So, while taping for a live show keep few days in hand. It may take 3 to 6 hours for booking after long waiting in the line.

Universal – A Must Visit Option for Kids

If you wish to have fun and expand your kid’s knowledge at same time, then a tour to Universal is definitely a thrill. Take a tour to the Universal Studios Holllywood and Universal City Walk where most kid’s movies were filmed. This luxury Hollywood tour will give them an opportunity to understand the technicalities behind filming a movie, right from stage formation, sets, background, lighting and sounds. Universal Studio’s famous attractions are characters from famous animated movies Despicable Me, King Kong, The Fast and the Furious, Transformers, Shrek, and more. Do not miss the wizarding sets of Harry Potter, have a round-trip to the Hogwarts Castle and renovated Hogsmade village. Some of the most popular rides are restricted to certain height, before making any ride bookings read the height restrictions carefully.

Do some Hollywood Activities at Hollywood Mall

A trip to Hollywood and Highland center is more than shopping and eating at restaurants, there are several other things to do in Hollywood Mall. First, you can tour around Dolby Theatre, which is famous for its Academy Awards and other important events, else take tickets for PaleyFest for seeing your favorite TV stars from close. Second, kids can create their own chocolate bar at the Chocolate Lab! When you will step to the fourth floor, the famous Hollywood letters are visible from there. So, you can snap pictures with the legendry behind, to make your trip more authentic. And, if you wish to do something really thrilling, take a bowling competition at the ground floor (Finish the trip till 8pm, after that it becomes a big hunting place for adults only.

Take Selfies with Wax Statues at Madame Tussaude

Taking pictures with favorite celebrities sometimes seems to be very difficult. However, kids can take selfies with their ideal characters, not in real but with wax. A visit to Madame Tussaude wax museums has lot to offer for celebrity fans. Wax statues of famous faces such as Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Barack Obama, Beyonce and Shrek are sculpted at the museum. Kids can have pictures standing famous personalities and let their friends envy of them. The safari not just ends here, if you haven’t checked in the famous coffee shops and pressed juicer. Also, keep the TCL Chinese theatre, Walk of fame, and other movie premieres to see footprints of many ceremonies and more.

Walk Into A Working Movie Studio

Take a luxury Hollywood tour to Warner Bros Studio, to witness the iconic stages and set-ups for kid’s favorite TV shows and movies. A two-three hours guided tour will give proper idea about the sound settings, backlots of famous shows such as Friends, Gilmore girls, Casablance as well as latest WB shows. Click pictures in different looks using props and costumes. Wear the famous wizard costume from Harry Potter, and even find original kryptonite used in Superman. With all these things in hand, don‘t miss to take ride in Batmobiles that were used in the movie. But, these places are restricted to 8 plus age groups only.

Break Records For Fun and Enjoyment

One of the best things to do in Hollywood is a tour to Guineas World Record Museum. The museum showcases records from the great and gross in every field. From the largest work of art to most hamburgers records eaten in three minutes are stored at the center. At this family attraction, kids can take some challenges and create new records. Take an attempt to few heighest long jump records, compare their achievement and have fun. Hollywood Guineas is located directly across Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood Wax Museum and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. You can book luxury Hollywood Tour to the way, watching all the attractions on the way.

Stop By Kid’s Friendly Eateries

A trip is incomplete without tasting local food at special eateries. Pink is one big option for kid’s to taste hot dogs. The shop serves hot dogs since 1939 and it’s a famous landmark of Los Angeles. Usually, you have to wait in long queue to taste the delicious hot dogs, but its worth for a trip to LA. Also, you can find mouth-watering confectionaries at Carney’s shop. This shop is standing inside a cool 1920s Amtrak Passenger car on Sunset Boulevard, where casual items are served fresh and hot. Stop by the shop to taste yummy hot dogs, sandwich and hamburgers.

These are few important things to do with kids and family in a Hollywood trip. However, no travel plan is successful without proper tour planner. Ask professional tour operators for vehicles and guide, if you wish to enjoy luxury Hollywood tour in LA. Consult them and ask to provide all details. After all, travel with kids and family is a lifetime achievement. Make it exciting and remembering for whole life.