Gas Leak Detector – A Safety Device for Well-Being of Environment

Gas leakage has always been a major concern when it concerns the safety of both, the environment and the human race. Recently a revolutionary Ion Science Gas Check series has been added in the category of portable leak detectors that helps to keep a check on different types of gases.

The use of gas detectors in different work fields is a safety practice that protects the employees from all type of hazardous gases and substances. In different industries, the employees deal with different types of toxic gases, vapours, and substances, which need, to be monitored closely, and in such situations, gas detectors play a vital role.


Gas detectors are also used in workspaces such as mining shafts to keep a check on the level of air. It is also a guide to fight fire situations as gas detection devices detect the fire elements faster than conventional smoke alarms. Other applications, where portable gas detectors play a vital role are:

• Production & storage of membrane materials & glove boxes
• For quality assurance test of sealed components
• Stored gases & chemicals
• In gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers
• In gas cylinders & fittings, gaskets & chamber windows
• While doing gas installations
• Pipeline assemblies and pipeline joints
• Evaluation of valve emission
• Anaesthetic gas bottles


Whether it’s Ion Science gas check series or portable series, in most cases, visible and audible warnings are released on detection of high-level of gases. Portable detectors are predominantly used to monitor the environment because these are of high-quality, maintain high accuracy and complete the reading in a very less time. The latest Ion Science gas check series are designed and developed using latest gas technology and techniques.

Most of the detectors made today are wireless that easily connects hand-held devices to central monitor. The monitor display real time readings from individual detectors, allowing their seniors to monitor employee’s safety in remote locations. The utilization of central monitors indicates that employees aren’t alone in the time of any danger. Its advanced micro thermal conductivity techniques enable a rapid and quick response to gas leakage. These portable detectors can capably read cc/sec, mg/m³, or ppm (parts per million) levels of gas leakage.

Designed for Portability:

Carrying these portable devices also become easy to safe guard life and property. The gas leakage detectors are handheld, compact and battery operated and sniffs danger as soon as possible. The inbuilt back lit LCD, display unit setting, and numerical readout make it a perfect addition to keep a check on different gases. These detectors are made brilliantly keeping in mind that it can work in dark places and other confined spaces.

Accurate Reading:

When checking on leakages, the units can be set into auto-range to offer maximum sensitivity when required. These systems use a tough micro thermal conductivity sensor for detection of different types of gases such as helium, hydrogen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, ammonia, butane, SF6 and some refrigerants. The readings provided by these portable ion science gas detectors are reliable, accurate, and stable.

Ion Science gas check series is a real environmental hazard solver that can easily detect hazardous gas and leakages. The device is widely used in different field of work and research such as industries, laboratories, chemical plants and mines. Last but not the least, these portable gas detectors are made rugged and have weather proof outer shells to survive in rough, tough, and harsh surroundings. So, to become more efficient, actively purchase the gas check series and keep your environment safe and hazard free.