Get the Best Quality Dent Repair in Fort Myers, Florida

Dents do not come with an invitation. They can happen anytime and anywhere. The few common reasons for auto dents are by a hail storm, an accident, collision or negligence of persons opening the car door.

The dents are simply inevitable. Whatever may be the reason for dent it leaves an unwanted mark or scratch on your automobile and completely ruins the look of your automobile?

What would be more heartbreaking when you are a car lover, and you have bought a brand new car that you want to flaunt, and it is dented for some reason?

So when you are located in Fort Myers and the nearby reason you do not have to worry if your car has been dented since you can find best companies that cater to dent repair in Fort Myers.

Two different types of Dent repair:

  • Paintless dent repair:

Many kinds of dent repair exist, but paintless dent repair is preferred due to several reasons. Primarily, it is the ideal way of repairing dents as it restores the car to its previous condition. Here the dents are simply pulled out using a mechanical device.

Further, this way of repair is quicker and easier. It is useful till the time the dent has not penetrated the paint, else Bondo and other wide-ranging methods are used to fill the dent. Matching the paint colors also do not need to be worried about since the experts will pull out the dent using special cups. It is perfect when the car has been dented due to a hail storm.

  • Traditional method:

The dent method applies to extensive damage to the paint. The steps involved in traditional dent removal are as follows.

  • Dent is pulling:

In a traditional dent repair method, the first step involved is to access the reverse side of the panel and shaping the sheet metal back to its original form if possible. On finding it difficult to access the panels back sheet, small metal sticks are placed on the panel exterior and specially designed equipment is used to grab the sticks to pull the metal sheet to normal position.

  • Paint stripping:

Initially sandpaper is used to strip off the paint from the damaged areas until at least 3 inches far from dent on all sides.

  • Body Filler Application:

The next step involved includes applying the body filler or Bondo after the metal sheet comes back to its proper shape. Bondo is a long-lasting, sandable plastic resin which sticks well on car’s metal. After the technician quickly spreads the filler, then it is sanded, feathered and smoothed.

Different types of car dents:

  • Round dents:

The round dents particularly appear as dimples caused due to hailstone hitting your car. Round car dents generally look like a shallow hole in the middle. Round dents are usually fixed by the PDR unless the dent has not caused any paint damage.

  • Creased dents:

Creased dents are formed usually due to dragging of sharp objects against the panel of the car. Most often found on the sides of the car. Creased dents can lead to further serious dents and points on the car depending on the severity when formed and could lead to further worsening if ignored.

  • Hail Dents:

Hail dents are caused due to hailstone hitting your vehicle. The severity of hail dents depends on the force with which it strikes the automobile, but most of them are repairable with paintless dent repair. The problem arises. A large number of dents occur whenever there is a hail storm.

  • Multi-point dents:

Multi points dent occur when you meet with an accident, and the dent can happen anywhere and could be of any type and needs a proper traditional method of repair and fixation depending on the severity of the occurrence on your vehicle.

Paintless dent repair vs Conventional Dent Repair:

  • Paintless dent repair retains the original worth and strength of the vehicle especially when the concern is about vintage and luxury cars. The reason being conventional dent repairs uses filler and paint to fix the damages while paintless dent removal uses special tools and techniques to remove the dent. But in the end, all depends on the severity of the dent.
  • Less repair time is required in case of PDR as compared to traditional dent removal. While PDR can be completed in a single day or two but conventional dent removal may take few weeks as it requires the Bondo and paint to dry.
  • PDR is cost effective as compared to Conventional dent repair since as the work can be completed within a day or two hence less labor rental is required and you do not have to spend on materials like (filler, auto paint, primer, ).
  • The reduced carbon footprint is another advantage of PDR since it does not use harmful toxic materials contained in substances like paints, primer, and fillers, unlike the traditional dent removal method. The toxic materials used in a conventional method not only impact our vehicles but also releases harmful fumes when exposed to heat and sun hence are hazardous to our environment.


The dent repair is necessary if you want to maintain the looks of your vehicle. Dent repairs are of many types like some are DIY also but considering a certified professional help is always suggestive if you want to let your car shine like before.

The method of dent removal used by the specialist depends on the severity of the dent caused and also the type of dent.