A Complete Guide on How to Buy Church Pew Cushions

A church is a sanctuary to worship and it symbolizes the strength of religion in the modern age. This place is a bend of traditional and modern decor pieces that add to the spiritual ambiance. The addition of pews and custom-fit church pew cushions are a perfect way to facelift the sanctuary without breaking your budget!

The durable yet beautiful pew cushions will surely make your older pews look new as well as add a pinch of comfort to the congregation. There are different types of cushions options such as back padding, fixed pew upholstery, Atwood pew cushion, flat base cushions and reversible pew cushions that will freshen up your worship space and level up the comfort quotient.

Benefits of Church Pew Cushions

  • Pews are extensively added to churches because they symbolize the “sharing is caring” attitude unlike chairs which are meant for one person only.
  • Much more comfortable than the single seated chairs available in the churches.
  • Large in size that gives a lot of space as well as increase the beauty of the interior.
  • Available in different textures and colors, so as to give a unique appeal to the ambiance.

But to be precise, always remember, ‘everything that shines is not gold’, the same applies to the pews cushions too. Not all of them are comfortable, so before you buy pews cushions you need to look into few things.

Things to Remember While Buying Church Pew Cushions

Purpose of Purchase:

Understanding this is simple yet crucial. You may think, whether buying furniture is a good step for the church and whether or not it will play an important developmental role? No doubt this will be an artistic upliftment for the church added to the blessings you’ll receive by making such an investment for the church. The congregation’s appreciation and increased comfortability will make you happy as well as wealthy. Look for colourful, and well- textured cushions to match the church’s decor!

Lumbar Support:

It a vital factor to select pew cushions. As we sit, the lower part of our back reclines to form a curve and this part is called lumbar region. The pews supporting the lumbar part adds an additional comfort factor to the one sitting on the pews.

Waterproof or Water Resistant:

When looking for pews cushions, look for are water proof seats. Mostly, leather cover pew cushions are of this type, so look for cushions that are stylish and water resistant for easy usage.

Foam Density:

When foam density is in mind, pick up cushions that are soft and considers all other factors. This factor will assist you to work on durability of pew cushions as the main motive is not to destroy on regular use.


This is an indispensable factor that needs to be kept in mind while buying the pews cushions. It is very important to get the pew cushions at a very reasonable price yet full fill all the above aspects.

Where to buy Church Pews Cushions?

When you are looking for renovation and remodelling of the church furniture or if you are ready to invest on a new set of pews and pew cushions, you can opt for two sources – either online stores or brick and mortar stores in your periphery. Though it is seen that ordering online church furniture is a way better option than offline store provisions as it eliminates the effort of running all around to buy the best church pew cushions.

With the comfortable pew cushion seat options, now you can be more comfortable in the church sessions. This will also help you spend extra time in the church with god and the congregation without any hesitation. Make seating more comfortable with pews cushions as well as give an appealing touch to the interior!