Top 10 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils to Enhance Happy Ending Massage Mood

Essential oils play a big role in enhancing the sense of intimacy. It essentially comprises of certain aphrodisiac qualities, which heighten the pleasure of love, sex, and libido.

When the scent of aphrodisiac essential oils and the perfect touch is combined together, it passionately and sensuously influences the sexual drive of people. To experience the same, forget not to try out a session of happy ending massage in Bangkok.

When it’s about sensuality, essential oils have lots to offer. There are oils to excite your libido, oils to calm the nervous system, oils to help you open up, oils to promote a sense of passion, and oils to influence sexual fervor.

Now glance into the sensual realms of essential oils to understand their propensity to inflame desirable emotions in human….

Romantic Rose Oil

Rose oil is considered the most romantic oil that effectively increases love and intimacy quotient. It has played a crucial part in the history, for example – in the life of Egyptian beauty, Cleopatra. The strong yet sweet floral fragrance oil essentially induces romanticism in the life of broken hearts.

Take note guys, it balances female hormones and reduces anxiety level connected to sex. This essential oil works through heart chakra that unifies both spiritual and physical love. Not only this, it also purifies the blood, enhances confidence and self-esteem, increases semen production, lifts depressive states, and improves uterine function.

Classic Clary Sage Oil

This oil originated in England and is a result of steam distillation of leaves and buds of clary sage plant. It has a nutty fragrance!

Clary sage has some great benefits: brightens eyes, improves eye health, induces relaxation, and promotes euphoria feelings and acts a powerful aphrodisiac. In the male, it increases the “T” testosterone level that increases interest in sexual activities. In the female, it relieves PMS symptoms, eases menstrual cramps and essentially boosts sexual desires.

Joshing Jasmine Oil

The smell of jasmine oil is just amazing and is filled with aphrodisiac qualities. It has the power to balance the nervous system, stabilize emotional level, calm frayed nerves, lower depression level, and support nervous exhaustion and stress issues.

Jasmine essential oil enhances confidence, optimism, and euphoric spirit. Use jasmine oil to get the passion flowing!

Wild Ylang-Ylang Oil

Ylang-ylang originated in the Philippines that has an intensely sweet and slightly spicy aroma. It has the tendency to calm down stressed one, decrease blood pressure, relax a racing heart, and boost mood.

Ylang-ylang works on emotions may it be aphrodisiac pleasure or as a bereavement support. It perfectly balances emotional hyper-arousal as well as distress.

For an amazing session of happy ending massage in Bangkok, ask them to use ylang-ylang essential oil to set the tone and mood perfectly!

Sexy Sandalwood Oil

This is perfect for a man! Sandalwood oil is king among essential oils as it is one of the oldest known perfume materials. It has a sweet, woody scent and has tremendous sensual properties. It’s soothing, enticing and erotic at times that affects mood in an excellent way.

Sandalwood oil has been used for 4000 years that elevates the desire for physical intimacy. Being an endangered tree, use it sparingly!

Refreshing Rosewood Oil

This essential oil calms troubled minds, boosting self-esteem and confidence. It’s also known as a perfect mood lifter that cuts off depression and builds a positive outlook towards life. It also instills a strong sense of hope, optimism as well as boosts sexuality!

Provoking Patchouli Oil

Patchouli oil has a musty, sweet, and woodsy aroma that appeals both men and women. It belongs to the mint family and is a perfect mood uplifter. Patchouli oil lifts up the spirit, calm downs the anxiety level, and attracts sexual desire. It balances libido levels that work wonder on endocrine levels and guarantees a magical time. Along with this, also relieves stress and depression resulting better to establish perfect intimate moments. It is quite known as an antidepressant, antifungal, and antiseptic!

This time when ready for a session of happy ending massage in Bangkok, be prepared with your idea of aphrodisiac essential oils. Just choose any of the oil from the list and enjoy the sexual wholeness!