10 Simple Reasons to Keep Heartworm Flea Tick Away From Dogs

Ticks, fleas, and heart-worms can be a big trouble for our beloved pets and us. However, due to scientists, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies, we get lucky as they provide a huge range of heart-worm flea tick prevention for dogs, cats and other pets that keep them healthy, safe and protected from these extremes!

In the current phase, doctors are trying hard to ease the medicine intake procedure of pets by combining prevention medicine together. But only prioritizing medicines cannot help you and your pet stays healthy life rather discarding the reasons related to these pet issues can do much better.

In the following learn to end the infestation of fleas, heartworms, and ticks:

#1 House Cleaning:

Clean house and environment keep away mosquitoes, which is the ultimate carrier of heart-worm and many other diseases. Other than that fleas and ticks can survive in carpet, bed, rugs, drapes, upholstery and pet toys, so keep them clean to discard the opportunity of returning back.

#2 Medications:

No doubt heart-worm flea tick prevention for dogs is the best idea to keep away these blood-sucking parasites and worms away. So, feed them directly or mix it in pet’s food for the best result. But when medication and cleanliness are combined together, it’s the best teamwork!

#3 Dips:

It’s another concentrated treatment option, which is rubbed or sprayed over pet’s fur or the pets are dipped into the chemical. It doesn’t show instant action, but be cautious of its strength.

#4 Topical Treatments:

These are applied directly on pet’s fur or skin to discourage the growth of fleas and ticks. It may be in form of sprays, powders, or drops. Moreover, medicated collars are another form of topical treatment made especially for neck and head region.

#5 Healthy Diet:

Mostly, unhealthy coats and skin that suffer from issues like dry skin, cuts or sores, and flaky skin, becomes a house where pests grow and feed. Hence, feed your dogs with nutritious, healthy, and wholesome diet for better immunity, healthy skin, and lush coat.

#6 Lawn Care:

Mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas thrive in landscapes that have plenty of moist crevices. Thereby, working on removal of unwanted bushes, cutting off trees and shrubs, cleaning fallen leaves, trimming grass shorter, and discarding the overwatering concept will make your lawn a better place to fit in you and your pets.

#7 Home Pest Treatments:

Pest control is quite valid in case of severe infestations. If the issue grows bigger day by day, then opting out for a strong pest treatment in home and around home can be the safest idea to eliminate fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks. Use foggers, sprays, and granules to kill the pests and keep the environment safe. But remember to follow the provided instructions properly before starting to handle the chemicals.

#8 Shampoos and Conditioners:

If you feel any pest threat against your pets, instead of using normal shampoo use the one that incorporated the formula for removing and preventing these pests. You may choose them considering the strength of the products, the degree of infection and effectiveness it requires. Also consider, coat type and density of the dog!

#9 Discourage Wildlife:

It’s known that wild animals mostly are affected by pests, heartworms, and fleas, such as raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, mice, and deer. Take strong steps to keep wild animals away from the yards to avoid the chances of hosting new blood-sucking parasites!

#10 Inside Time:

When the parasitic season is on its height especially the period from late spring to early fall, limit pet’s outdoor time to avoid more exposure to the parasites.

When fleas and ticks are at their height (typically from late spring to early fall), it may be best to limit a pet’s time outdoors as much as possible so they are not exposed to more of these parasites. Keep them well exposed to sunlight for a better health and coat!

With these top ideas and heart-worm flea tick prevention for dogs, keep your four-legged companion out of pains and stress. Love is a must but care is foremost!