Hire An Ex-Convict For Better Business! Yes, You Read Correct!

Yes, it is understandable that the heading has your eyebrows raised. Convicts and business don’t sound to be in harmony and that is not exactly the kind of qualification you are looking for. There are a lot of assumptions, which is important when it comes to business. But, at times, we should move ahead of our assumptions and look at the other side. There is a chance it might be greener. A cynic mind is one of the most crucial things for a good business. It keeps you prepared for the worst.

“Be a cynic. You will either be right or pleasantly surprised.

Hire an ex-convict and you will definitely be in for a pleasant surprise”

Let’s get straight to business. You can be prepared for hiring an ex-convict after consulting your attorney. In most cases, your criminal defense attorney in Houston will agree to this noble mindset. However, they can look at the case files which will make the hiring process easier and reliable. Well, you must be thinking why would you do that, right! In that case, here are some reasons you should definitely hire an ex-convict for the growth of your business.

They Will Be Grateful:

Every year, more than 650,000 prisoners are released and two-thirds of will probably be re-arrested within three years of release. This happens due to a lack of opportunity for the ex-convicts. The societal stigma is too high and they often fall prey to our assumptions. At a time, when no one is providing them a decent job, they will be highly grateful if you can provide them a job. This will make them grateful and they will look out for you as well.

Their Training Might Come In Handy:

Many inmates receive vocational training and participate in certification programs to make them industry ready when they come out. They also receive college degrees when behind the bars. All this means is that they might be familiar with your trade and even the discipline required in your business.

They Wil Be Loyal:

As mentioned earlier, they will be always grateful to you for giving them the second chance. First of all, you have provided them the job when no one was willing to. Secondly, no one might still not be willing to provide them a job. With the help of your criminal defense attorney in Houston, you can find ex-convicts who became a victim of the situation and show signs of change. With a job in hand, they will be eager to change their lives and lead an honest and responsible life.

You Could Get Tax Benefits:

There is a chance that you might get some amazing tax benefits from the government when you hire ex-convicts. According to the Work Opportunity Tax Credit which gives employers some rebate. According to the WOTC website, “The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a Federal tax credit available to employers for hiring individuals from certain target groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment.”

These are 4 reasons for hiring an ex-felon to work for you. Business owners regularly stress that individuals with criminal records will take, carry on without honesty, hassle collaborators, or wind up plainly vicious. Or, then again these candidates might be seen as less able; on the off chance that they have invested energy in a correctional facility, possibly they need social and expert abilities. However, these are just assumptions. With a proper screening test, you can get hold of the best people to work for you. It is suggested to take the help of a criminal defense attorney in Houston for the hiring process. A holistic approach will make things easier for you and the ex-felons as well. It is the best opportunity to give back to the society in some way and gain some hard working loyal employees along the way.