How the New Self Storage Services are Better than Before

There is always a new phone in the market, coming up almost every other day. And, they are not the only thing. With the growing consumer market and needs, there are so many new things coming up every day and self storage units are no different. Before, they were simple storage units providing you space to store your personal belongings. Today, companies have extended their services making the user experience better and more efficient. Those who do not use self storage are definitely not aware of all the benefits of using them. And, those who do use them will be more than happy to know some of the advanced features that companies of self storage in Sutton Coldfield are offering.

Here are a assorted list of some of the newest self storage features that companies are offering now. Some of you might be aware of it, while those haven’t heard of it will find it quite interesting.

1. Climate Control

Remember those products that you use that need to be stored away from sunlight or heat? Well, you can find the perfect temperature for storing those item in self storage units by controlling the climate inside it. For businesses selling fruits or perishable goods will find these climate control units ideal and beneficial. There are so many things that need to be stored in correct temperature like furniture, important document, clothes, stamps, wine, instruments and many other. Without the correct temperature, these things may get damaged in the process. With the self storage units now offering climate control facility, you can free up even more space at your home or apartment.

2. Moving and Packing Easy

The biggest hassle anyone faces while moving out or moving into a new house is transporting things. And, if you have to store a few large things like furniture or vehicle in the storage units, moving them on your own can be difficult. But, today’s self storage services are now offering moving team with equipment like lifting dolly to help shift heavy things around easily. Some of the self storage in Sutton Coldfield may even offer to pick up things from your house to the self storage units. This is one of the best things about storage units, Before now, heavy lifting service was not available and in recent years it has become one of the best features of self storage units.

3. Insurance

One of the best advanced features of today’s self storage unit is that they offer their own insurance plans. In-house insurance policies provides render companies the credibility and reliability and the customers can rest assured that their things will be insured against damages and accidents. For people who haven’t started using the self storage units for the fear of accidents and loss, can now feel free to use it. In case there is loss, you will fully compensated for it.

4. Advanced security system

With each passing year, the self storage units have been upgrading their security system. From 24/7 CCTV security cameras to individually alarmed self storage units, you will find the security arrangements of state-of-the-art level. Even accessing your own unit will require you to go through security protocols, which ensures anyone impersonating you will not be able to pass through. These advanced security arrangements weren’t available back then, but now they keep your belongings safe and sound as long as you keep them there.

Self storage units have improved over the years to provide a very sophisticated service to suit your budget. Users can feel free and safe to use these units. And, if you haven’t already tried it, give it a chance and you will love it.