How the Professionals Clean Your Carpet

Carpets and rugs are one of the most important accessories in our homes. They keep your feet warm and comfortable, and can complement your decor as well. But at times we seem to deprive them of the cleanliness the deserve. Carpet cleaning is a must to keep your home fresh and welcoming. A clean carpet can improve the air quality of your home and the overall aesthetics as well. However, there is much less idea about the cleaning process. Many assume that their dear vacuum cleaners do the work well, but are it so? The answer is a strict ‘NO’. Your vacuum cleaner doesn’t clean your carpet perfectly well and that’s something you need to understand right away. You can do the cleaning all by yourself or you can hire professionals to do that. You can get numerous professionals if you look out in your locality. You can enter a simple search for, say, carpet cleaning FT Lauderdale and you would have a wide array of options to choose from. However, here we list you some basic methods of carpet cleaning that would give you a better idea and yes; your vacuum cleaner is not one of them.

Methods of carpet cleaning

There are various means to get the carpet cleaned, but the most effective one is to take the help of a professional. There are many who are curious to know what different techniques the professional’s use that makes it more effective. Here are the two general categories in which professional carpet cleaning can be put into.

Light Surface Carpet Cleaning:

The name here says it all. Light surface carpet cleaning will clean the top one-third of the carpet. There are various methods under this step that will clean your carpet.

Wet Shampooing:

This is the most common step in any professional carpet cleaning service. This method includes the use of shampoo with a buffer machine.

Dry Cleaning:

There are various methods that are involved in the ‘dry cleaning’ of carpets. When you search the web for carpet cleaning FT Lauderdale, you would get professionals who would help you understand the process better by performing it.

Dry Foam:

Sometimes dry foam is also used for carpet cleaning in place of shampoo. The rest of the process of minor scrubbing with the buffer machine remains same. However, there is a minor difference in both. While using shampoo, one has to wait for the shampoo to dry out, which is not the case with dry foam. This is why many prefer dry foam over wet shampooing.

Absorbent Powder:

This is another method that many professionals use to keep your carpet clean. Here, a solvent is sprinkled on your carpet and allowed to set. Then the buffer machine is used to scrub the carpet and the residue is then vacuumed up.

Deep Carpet Cleaning-

The above methods are good to use by all means, but one should make sure that the process of professional deep carpet cleaning is done once every year. This will increase the lifetime of your carpet. You can look out for local service providers who can clean your carpet in a manner that their life is increased. For instance. you can look out for carpet cleaning FT Lauderdale and ask any service provider to give your rug a deep carpet cleaning.

There is, however, only one method available for this type of carpet cleaning. The method is that of external or hot water extraction, which is commonly known as steam cleaning. It is the most advanced and popular method of professional deep carpet cleaning.

Now that you are convinced about the safe process of carpet cleaning, you can look out for people who can help you out in such a work. After all, it’s your carpet and your home that would turn out to look amazing. Getting a professional carpet cleaner is not that difficult too. All that you need to do is, go on the internet and look out for carpet cleaners in your locality. You can search carpet cleaning FT Lauderdale and would be pleasantly surprised to know the improvement of the carpet life after going for a professional carpet cleaning.