How to Change Leather Watch Bands with a New One?

While you can surely visit your local watch dealer for a quick change of your leather watch bands, some prefer to do it all by themselves. If you are a DIY lover, it is critical that you practice on your throwaway watches that aren’t functional anymore. This will ensure that you do not ruin the newly acquired leather watch bands.

In most of the cases, the leather watch bands affixed with your watch dial can easily be replaced. However, if you are new to it, the job can get as tricky and awkward. After you are done selecting the best leather watch bands, you need to follow our well-explained guide to understand the best technique to replace your old leather watchband with a new one.

#1 Remove the Old Watch Band

Place your watch with the dial facing downside. Now, you need to place the watch atop a soft cloth surface or something that will avoid any scratches to the watch dial. The next thing you need to do is find the watch’s spring bar that connects the leather watch bands with its dial.

Most of the leather watch bands for women or men are connected via the spring bar that passes through the hole or loop found inside the band. It fits perfectly with the indents of the watch’s shoulder.

  • Your watch’s spring bar can be defined as a small bar of metal that needs to be depressed towards both ends for removal of the leather watch bands.
  • When the pressure from the bar is released, it extends towards both ends.

#2 Detach the watch’s spring bar

In order to remove your vintage leather watch straps, you have to detach the spring watch bar, as mentioned above. You can opt for a specific set of tool termed as the “Spring Bar Tool.” This will help you carefully extract the watch band without breaking its spring bar. If you do not have access to this tool, another method you can opt to remove this spring bar is by using the screwdriver with small head. If you have small fingers, you can also remove the same by using your hand. However, this can be a bit trickier. So, it is better that you opt for tools that ease the process.

  • If you do have the tool for spring bar, you need to insert its pronged fork between the leather watch band & the place where the same connects with your watch shoulders. Using this tool, you can easily press the spring bar from both its ends.
  • Gently apply a small amount of pressure atop the tool while pushing away lightly from your leather watchband. This pushes down the watch’s spring bar and helps release your band.
  • You can easily replicate the same effect with a tool that can easily into the very same space. However, you need to be very careful so that no scratch occurs on your watch dial or the leather watchband.
  • You can also use a normal paperclip in order to compress either of the ends of your watch’s spring bar.

#3 Slide the Bar Away

After you are done de-clipping the watch’s spring bar, you need to slowly slide your spring bar from the loop present in the watchband. Repeat this for both sides of your band. You might require these bars for attaching your new leather watchband. So, it is critical that you don’t lose them.

#4 Attach the new watch band

Now that you are done removing the antique leather watchband, you need to attach the new one with precision. You need to loop in the watchband with the dial so that all the holes in the watchband syncs with the holes in the watch dial. Now, carefully insert the spring bar through these loops, and once it has reached the other end, press in one go from both sides. This will lock in the watch band with your watch dial.


If your new leather watch bands come with their own bars, you need to make sure that it fits with the watch dial. Else, you might have to return your watch band. This is why it is critical that you check this before starting the removal process. You can always buy amazing leather watch bands from reputed online sellers to ensure high-quality and a great look for your next party or meeting at office.