How to Choose an Air Conditioner for Your Home?

A good home air conditioner doesn’t only give you cool air in summer but renders some benefits like fights with bacteria, controls humidity, gives warm air in winters. Today the market has flooded with a variety of ACs. So, choosing the best air conditioner now becomes a little difficult task for you.

The job of selecting air conditioners, especially for homes, you obstruct. And when it comes to buying anything for the home, everyone becomes conscious. That’s why it is imperative to do proper research so that you can bring something better for your family.

Choosing an AC is not rocket science, but you should know about the brands and their countless models available in the market. For instance, a brand like Mitsubishi AC comes in various range and model so, you can choose one of them for your home.

Well, to do your task easy, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks that will make you cut straight to the solution. We aim you to get the best AC for your family and home. Here are the lists of all the essential things you should know before buying an Aircon unit.

Types of Air Conditioners

There are varieties of AC available in the market, and they are as follows–

  • split system
  • Portable AC
  • Central airconditioning
  • ducted, and
  • multi-split system
  • Window AC

Each type of aircon has its features and is loaded with multiple benefits.

Split System

This type of AC is ideal for any individual room as it maintains the temperature for compact spaces. Technicians design the split AC so that compressor is placed outside, and the air passing unit is facing either floor-standing or wall-mounted. There are various benefits of buying a split system, such as budget-friendly, and you get options to choose from. You can decide for which space you want the AC.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable AC is very affordable as compare to other as it comes for an individual space. It keeps the single room cool. The one significant advantage of this aircon unit is that it can be moved from one place to another. However, some models require hot air to be vented out a window while other models don’t require ventilation. You can buy this AC and keep in any room without having to vent hot air.

Central air conditioning

If you are relocating to a new flat or building a new one, central AC is an ideal choice- because it needs ducts to be installed throughout the existing walls. If you are thinking of installing it in your old home, you need to cut into your existing walls—that why it is better to avoid such type of AC for your home.

As the energy efficiency rates are high, and it requires duct installation, the cost of the AC is higher. It consumes lots of time, as ducts need to be installed. You’ll have to install an outdoor compressor as well.

Multi-Split System

A multi-split air conditioner is a perfect choice if you want to run multiple aircon with the use of an outside compressor. With this kind of Aircon, you will get an independent temperature throughout your room. They are very comfortable to use, cost-effective as well as convenient. The other advantage of buying this AC is that you can buy different aircon units with just a single outside compressor. The indoor air conditioners can either be duct-connected, ceiling-suspended, or floor-standing.


If you want to buy the AC that comes all-in-one climate control, ducted AC is the best choice. This AC type conceals indoor units- which is detachable with the outdoor unit. One of the significant advantages of the ducted AC is that it can be easily installed into any existing or new builds.

Also, the AC is fitted with controller and grilles along with other technologies. Another benefit is that they are the fastest among other cooling systems.

Window AC

As its name describes itself, this AC can only be installed in a window frame. Window AC is a combination of both compressors and blowers within the same box. The compress can be kept outside the window while the blower faces the room. You can also install it in an external wall hole. This air conditioner is perfect for small space as it doesn’t need internal wall space like a split aircon. It pushes the hot air from inside the room and keeps the room cool. They are also cost-effective and easy to maintain than other Air conditioners. Even if you are moving to your new home, there’s no need to refill the compressor.

Once you’ve decided which type of AC you are going to buy, look at some models of the Mitsubishi AC to buy the perfect one for your home. When it comes to quality and price, this brand always comes in top-notch. Along with that, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries AC is popular for its combining versatility and features.

The size of the room and AC capacity

While deciding on the type of AC, you need to think about room size and AC capacity. Both these factors are crucial and risky as an extra-large air conditioner can cool your room swiftly but consume a high amount of energy; thus, you get high electricity bills. Moreover, they are giving high energy bills and proving ineffective in cooling the room properly.

We have mentioned a few tips below for choosing the right AC capacity:

  • The cooling capacity or heating capacity of an aircon unit is calculated in kilowatts (kW).
  • If your room size is small, you require a 2/5kW model, whereas a larger room requires a model of 6kW or more. So, it is imperative to know the required capacity so that you can buy the perfect AC for your required space.
  • Few other things you must keep in your mind while calculating the capacity: The capacity of the AC is calculated by the square foot area of the room. Apart from the room size, you must consider several other factors to calculate the ideal AC capacity and size. For instance, add an extra 30 percent of the room area to the square feet area you need for your required space.

Energy Efficient Ratings

Everyone is very concerned about the electricity bill incurred while using AC. So, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) provides an energy efficiency rating to each Air conditioner to help you understand the possible electricity consumption.

BEE has introduced a star rated particular method, i.e., a greater number of stars on the air conditioner represent higher energy ratings. It means the higher the number of stars, the lower the electric bill.

If any two ACs have equal in everything like features, style, design, but differ in just star ratings, AC, which has an energy-efficient unit, then the cost of AC is also higher. The 5-star rated AC is a perfect choice if you are looking for AC that consumes lower energy. Or else, you can decide on it, keeping your usage. For instance, if you use AC for only a few hours, you can go for a 3-star rating. But if use 24-hours like for office use, a 5-star rating unit is good enough.

Type of Indoor Unit

The three main types of indoor AC are as follows:

  1. High wall,
  2. floor mounted, and
  3. cassette

Below we’ve described all of these types to help you understand the fundamental difference amongst three.

High Wall

High wall indoor unit is most common in split-system A/C. In this type of AC, the unit is mounted high on the walls; thus, it blows air across the room by pushing out the hot air outside the room and bringing cool air inside the room.

Floor Mounted

These units are perfect for heating the indoor unit and mounted at the floor level. The hot air is lighter than cold air: hence, it rises to the ceiling when coming out at floor level.


These kinds of units are mounted in the ceiling, but some are also mounted on the floor level. They are also found in commercial buildings.

Extra Features present in an air conditioner

Based on the cost and comfort, today’s market is brimming with a wide range of air conditioners with various features and use. You should know about these added features to get the better one for your home.

So, before buying any AC, consider the features and some benefits of the AC are mentioned below:

Remote control

Now various brand of AC comes with Remote control to help you control the temperature of your surroundings. When you are buying an AC, always check the remote should be well-spaced and should have large buttons to easily read and use.

Sleep mode

It allows you not to work hard. With these features, your AC will adjust automatically when not in use hence saves a lot of energy.


Here you can set a timer in your AC so that you can turn off itself in a selected time. This feature prevents you from overconsumption of energy, hence save a lot of electric bills.

Human presence sensor

With the feature like the human presence sensor, the technology has vast, and AC now detects the humans are present in the room. The aircon unit is switched off itself when no human is detected inside the room. The feature alleviates the power consumption, saves electricity and money as well.

WIFI connectivity

Today in this digital era, no one wants to use any device without the internet. Now WI-FI feature is also available in every AC. Well, this feature turn on your AC before you reach your home, you find a cool, welcoming room.

Auto-clean function

This feature itself cleans the AC by keeping the moisture away so that micro-organisms like bacteria and mold can’t grow again. As a result, your AC lasts longer and gives you better performance of cleanliness and cool air.


It removes excess moisture from the air and gets cool air in your room.

Look for Energy Misers

Today, most of the AC comes with insulated technology and loaded instruction that helps ensure you get a good seal around the units and lowers the leakage.

Note the Noise

Check the AC is noise-free and scored fair in noise test! So, that you can sleep better or work without any disturbance when your AC is set on low.

Correct Installation

To get the proper performance of your aircon unit, you must be installed properly. Most of the units are designed for double-hung windows. If you have casement windows, buy a through-the-wall air conditioner. Ensure your window unit is on a level so that it drains appropriately.

Check Filter Location

Make sure you can easily access the filter for cleaning. You need to check the filter regularly to keep the AC in good condition.

Consider Intelligent Cooling

Some air conditioners are already installed with smarter technologies that help you control and adjust through your smartphone. Also, check does it allow you to interconnect with other air cooling system or not.

Watch the Warranty

While choosing a new unit for your home, check the manufacturer’s website for details, and ask the AC brand stores about the warranty you’re purchasing. Mitsubishi AC has more extended warranties than other brands.

The Final thoughts

Our aim is to help you understand which AC is best for your home. But without any proper research and ideas about the air conditioners, you can’t find the suitable one for you! The tips are mentioned above help you find the ideal air conditioner that can fit all your room. Moreover, it is always a better option for experts to install or maintain air conditioners for your home.