How to Choose the Best NYC Immigration Lawyer?

Want to settle down in the New York City? Worried about the immigration formalities and procedures? Well, immigrating to the US in 2018 is pretty strenuous, especially when you are up for business/employment. In such situations, it is highly recommended to consult a reputed NYC immigration lawyer ASAP.

A right immigration attorney can help you in availing a long-term visa on US soil without any hassle. No matter, how complicated your immigration issues are, it is the responsibility of an immigration attorney to help you throughout the procedure and ensure desired outcomes. In case, you do not know what an experienced immigration lawyer can do for you; please go through the below-mentioned facts.

  1. Understand your immigration problems, and accordingly offer appropriate consultation.
  2. Handle dealings with USCIS or other governmental agencies
  3. Manage all the documentation works
  4. Collect evidence to support your immigration application request
  5. Prepare court motion and briefs
  6. Examine witnesses during court hearings

In simple words, an experienced NYC immigration lawyer handles all the works related to your immigration application and guides you throughout the entire procedure.

However, to resolve your immigration problems, you need to hire an experienced and trustable NYC immigration lawyer. A novice attorney won’t help you, as it requires great confidence and experience to deal with immigration laws. Below, some important considerations have been discussed in selecting the best immigration lawyer in NYC.

5 Factors to Consider Before Hiring A NYC Immigration Lawyer –

Verify if the lawyer is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association or not

AILA is a national association of immigration lawyers, which aims to promote justice and fair immigration law practices in the US. The organization has more than 12,000 members, and primarily focuses on immigration law training and education. If the lawyer, whom you are hiring, is not a part of the AILA organization, then you should think twice before making the decision. It is recommended to choose an experienced lawyer, who is an active member of AILA.

It’s okay if the lawyer belongs to one of the premier law firms in NYC –

The attorneys, who reside to premier law firms, are adequately trained and experienced in dealing with immigration cases. From handling the documentation works to court motions, they manage every task without any error or mistake. If you don’t want to compromise your case outcomes, make sure the immigration lawyer belongs to a premier law firm in NYC.

Check the connection and reputation of the lawyer in the industry-

As there are some immigration lawyers in NYC, you need to make sure that the lawyer you are hiring is well-experienced and reliable with works. You should cross check the reputation of the lawyer via public references and online reviews. Ask other attorneys and find out the connections of the lawyer in the immigration industry. Make sure the attorney is capable of handling your immigration case.

Ask about the performance and success stats of immigration cases –

It is essential to know the outcomes of the recent immigration cases, on which the lawyer has worked. The stats will provide you with a detailed idea about whether the lawyer can validate your immigration application or is merely a waste of time and money. Make sure, the performance of the lawyer on immigration cases is satisfactory, and the success rate is above 90 percent.

Make sure the lawyer is available for communication and Contact –

For the desired outcome, you need to communicate effectively with your attorney. If the NYC immigration lawyer is unfamiliar with your issues, then there are high chances your immigration request may get rejected. You need to ensure your lawyer is available for communication as per your convenience. It is recommended to choose a lawyer in the near-by locations for better communication.

Well, now you must have received an overall idea about why and how to choose the best immigration lawyer in NYC. Stay away from those notary publics and travel agencies as they cannot help you with the immigration formalities. Don’t forget to ask about the fees of the immigration lawyer before initiating the consultation.

To learn more about immigration laws and consultations, talk to an expert today.