How to Deal with Fire at Business Place Like a Pro?

Most of us panic at the very thought of fire. This is all so obvious and things take a tragic turn in the case of any such incident in a company. Hazards like fire can be a major setback to your business. So, what do you do? How does a leader deal with incidents like this that have the potential to harm life and property? Will the use of proper fire exit signs be necessary alone? There might be a lot of questions regarding this issue. Here is a nifty guide to answer these fire related queries to safeguard your business.

Preparing For The Worst:

As they say, precaution is better than cure. When we are talking about fire safety in a business, there is so much that can be done and taken care of. Here are some steps that every business owner should take to stay ahead of the fire.

  • Fire Training:

    All of it starts with training. The first step to surviving a fire is by training employees about the necessary steps. With regular training sessions and mock drills, employees can be certain about the fire safety. Employees must be aware of the exit points and assembly points. Hiring a fire safety trainer will help with this.

  • Installing Proper Fire Equipment:

    Fire equipment like fire exit signs, fire extinguishers, fire alarms are essential for any building. Even if you got a commercial building without these facilities, make sure they are installed as soon as possible. It will reduce the chances of any loss of life significantly. Not just installing them, rather making everyone aware of their use is essential.

  • Getting Insurance:

    It may sound cliched, but it is true. Every business needs insurance for the safety of the business and the employees. Get in touch with your insurance company and they can suggest you the best insurance policies to keep everyone safe. Typically, insurance policies like worker’s compensation insurance are important in these cases. It will cover the charges to keep your employees safe after the fire if required.

During The Adversity:

Fire, as an adversity at work, is difficult to tame, to say the least. There have been several instances in the past that bear witness to dreadful fires. Most people don’t expect a fire at a workplace and that hits the worst. Even though proper training equips employees with the necessary knowledge, there are certain things that make matters worse. Here are some things everyone should keep in mind.

  • No matter where you are, at the first sign of fire, raise alarm.
  • Don’t take the elevators or escalators. Use stairs instead.
  • Don’t panic and try to think with a calm head.
  • Try to follow the fire safety training as closely as possible.
  • Try and take as many people as possible with you.
  • Stay clear of fire-prone places like the cafeteria.
  • Call the fire department at the first signs.
  • Take caution at the first sight of smoke.
  • Follow the fire exit signs properly.

These are some steps that will keep you safe during the fire adversity. Most importantly, one shouldn’t panic. When you start panicking, there is a chance of taking bad decisions. Fire is a situation where bad decisions or decisions taken slowly can do a lot of harm. Sticking to the basics will help a lot.

After The Ordeal:

Once the fire situation is under control, there are certain things a business owner has to deal with. Destroyed property, injured co-workers and customers, and many more appalling sights await the owner. This is where a calm headed business owner would know what to do. This is where the right balance between morality and business sense comes into play. A level-headed business owner would try to locate the injured ones and take care of them in every way possible. However, with proper insurance policies, this won’t be that difficult a deal. There are several business insurance policies that will help your business rise from the ashes. With empathy and compassion by one’s side, a business owner can start the work from scratch again and with almost the same workforce.