How To Stage A House For Sale?

Selling a house is a tougher work than it seems. It takes a lot of preparation and staging to get through for a good price. With demand getting higher and customers being more prepared than ever before, even professional experienced sellers are finding it difficult to sell a house. There are several factors which come to play when determining the sale value of a property. Considering the number of websites which more than often come up with almost accurate estimates, the fight to get a good price is a tough one.

As a seller, if there is one thing on which you can work to improve the sale value of your house it is the layout of your house. Staged homes sell for a better value and faster also. Yes, you need to stage your house for sale. This is where you will need the help of a personal storage in Sutton Coldfield. We have some great ideas that will help you in staging your house for a sale.


A regular house has a lot of things in it which potentially clutters the space. It is all so common, but you need to make sure the space is open and decluttered when potential buyers come to see it. Removing things that a potential buyer won’t like to see will make your house look much bigger and they can focus on the positive side of your house. Spaces like counter tops, bookcases, and even dedicated storage spaces like outdoor sheds or walk-in closet can be decluttered. It will give your property a much-needed facelift and create the impression of a bigger space.

Keep Your Valuables Safe:

One way to keep your house open for sale is keeping it open all times. Whenever someone comes to see the house, they should be free to do so. In the case of such an open house, make sure all your precious belongings like documents and other breakables are safe. This is where you can choose for a personal storage in Sutton Coldfield. A self-storage space will help you in decluttering your space and keeping your valuables safe as well.

Clean It Thoroughly:

You would never like to walk into a dirty house. The same holds true for your potential buyers as well. Clean your house completely from top to bottom. Buyers will be looking at every nook and corner of your house and a dirty space can be the first turn off. Go for a cleaning like you would do for your annual spring cleaning. If required go for professional cleaners who will complete the work with thorough efficiency. Spaces like bathroom and kitchen need to be the cleanest as they attract the maximum attention. In case you have a fireplace in place, make sure the ash is removed. Fireplaces prove out to be a great selling point but not when unclean and stained with soot.

Plan What Stays:

Remember that you are staging your home for someone else. It is important that you look at your house from someone else’s perspective. You surely know how to utilize the space optimally, but you have to make room for the buyers to imagine how they want to use the space as well. A perfect staging will be achieved when there is a balance between these perspectives. This is why you need to make sure you have elements which add to the visual aesthetic without being a hindrance to a clear thought of space utilization.

These are some tips to help you in staging your house for sale. Having a home in a dreamy location and with aesthetics that are hard to believe alone can’t fetch you a good price. One needs to prepare the house keeping the potential buyers in mind. Choosing a personal storage in Sutton Coldfield can help you in keeping things together. Make sure you have staged your house well before you get the buyers coming in to see the house. Getting a friend to review your staging is also a good idea. These steps can be helpful in the long run. Good Luck!