How To Store Your Food Truck RV Properly?

There are several instances where a food truck has been seen as a great asset. All that you need to start a food truck is an RV, a little experience on hand is preferable, and love for feeding people. With the advent of food trucks, one doesn’t have to wait or go to a far off place for that special piece of taco rather the food comes to you. It is one of those small things that bring a smile on your face. Travelling across places is now easier with food truck RV. It is as if, you carry your whole world in the RV. However, it is not forever and you will need to store your RV for some time. When storing comes into the scene, self-storage in East London is the best way out.

Keeping the RV storing in mind, here are some tips that will surely help you. Consider the following tips if you are looking for self-storage in East London.

Food trucks are amazing, aren’t they! In case you are food truck RV owner and you want to take that much-deserved vacation, here are some tips to store it.


When you want to store your RV or food truck in a manner that you will be able to take it out every day, make sure you store it close to the location of your truck spot. This will save you precious time and fuel.


Your food truck or RV is all that you have for your business. Make sure you get the best security services for your truck. Look out for a self-storage with proper fencing and personalised access facilities. The inclusion of CCTV cameras is also a great solution.


Honestly, you never know what can happen once there is darkness.To make sure you don’t shell out extra money in case something happens, make sure your RV is insured properly. RV insurance and commercial vehicle insurance will protect such cases.

These tips were to use a self-storage space as a regular parking space. However, there might be a time when you will need to store them for a longer period of time. For those times, we have some other tips as well. Before you keep your RV in a self-storage in East London, try to follow these tips as closely possible.

Inflate Tyres:

Tyres can be easily labelled as the most vulnerable part of the RV. It is important to inflate the tyres to the recommended pressure. In addition to that, make sure the tyres are covered from direct sunlight. Try moving it within the storage space regularly to prevent any damage.


This is another common step when it comes to storing your RV or food truck for a longer period of time. Generally, the user manual has instructions on winterizing. However, you can ask your dealer or a trusted mechanic for the job. The battery, however, needs to be preserved by regular tests.

Clean Thoroughly:

We are talking about a food truck here. One is free to assume that there will be food particles that might make things worse in the self-storage space. Food particles attract rodents who have the potential to destroy your RV and even your neighbour’s storage space. Make sure you clean it thoroughly before taking the RV to the self-storage space in East London. Moreover, check for leaks as well.

Maintain Fluid Levels:

Maintaining the fluid levels in your RV is a necessity. Make sure you have the right amount of fluids before you store your food truck RV. The instructions and levels of operating fluids will be found in the user manual. If storing with fuel make sure you add a stabiliser. This will keep your RV in a good running condition even when you take it out.

Storing your food truck doesn’t need to be a tough affair, but following these steps can keep your bread and butter providing RV safe for a long time. Apart from choosing an appropriate self-storage in East London, you need to make sure that your RV is protected by insurance as well. An insurance will help you in the long run and you will be glad about it. RVs are big machines which are designed to be taken care of. Make sure you provide the machine what it deserves.