Improve the Lifestyle of Your Bird with Simple Cage Accessories

Humans design their house keeping in mind relaxation and comfort. The thought of going home brings smile on our faces after a long and hectic day. And similarly, the birdcage is an equivalent to a house for birds that live in it as it is where they feel safe and secure.

A bird stays locked in a cage for almost its entire life. The discomforts and limitations to living life fully increase if the cages are small or the members are more. Hence, as a bird owner it is important to understand and act accordingly! If you are in such a situation and are ready to upgrade the home of your birdie pet to a standard one, you have hit the right place for suggestions.

In addition to moving them to a larger enclosure, you can also provide some simple cage bird accessories that can enhance their lifestyle by keeping them busy. What could these effective additions be? Let’s check them out:


Birds spend most of their time standing on a perch. So, planning on adding a variety of them is a wise decision and will possibly avoid cramping their feet. The variation may be it terms of texture, color, shapes and diameters. This will modify the cage environment and add a deeper sense of satisfaction that will prevent both behavioural and development problems.


Dishes have an important role in the lives of your feathery pals. They feed, drink and bathe in them, so choose the appropriate ones for your birds. Size, shape and material matter as these needs to be removed, cleaned, filled and placed back every day. The one made of ceramic, high-impact plastic and stainless steel withstand everyday washing and disinfecting done to maintain the health of the bird. In some cases, water bottles are also used, but make sure the bird understands how to use it and also have a bottle brush to clean it.

Grooming Accessories

Along with cage bird accessories, grooming accessories are also required such as scissors, nail clippers, spray bottle and bird bath to keep the bird neat and clean. The simple plant mister and plastic dish bird bath are good, but keep it properly to avoid any contamination issues.


Toys are for enjoyment and learning, so need to be plenty in number and alternated regularly. Toys keep the birds occupied, when the owners are gone and remember, size of the toy hardly matters, what matters is the texture! For small birds, tiny mirrors or light weight toys are fine. On the other hand, the big birds manipulate their toys by tasting, chewing, jumping and scratching. Hence, pick nontoxic and hardened toys for the birds; check them every day for damage. To keep the interest and fun intact, rotate the toys on regular basis.

Keeping the birds busy with toys is good or else boredom can highly impact the health and behaviour of the birds. Trial and error method is the best way to find the favorites of your birdie!

Nest box

These boxes provide a place to hide and this is one of their favourite pastimes. Place them towards the top corner and make sure it’s easy for you to remove and clean.

Birds are of various species and with that their needs changes. So, do a thorough research on their specific needs of your bird regarding the feeding habits, socialization, housing and sanitation. The above cage bird accessories are a good start to improvise your bird’s lifestyle!