Innovative Ideas for a Great Wedding in New South Wales

New South Wales is one of the best places in Australia for weddings. Beautiful open ground, families who sing together, spellbinding scenery; the state has everything that can make a wedding memorable. But how can you make your wedding different from the others?

Implementing awesome out-of-the-box ideas for your wedding can make it more innovative and memorable. From hearth throbbing singer to mouthwatering midnight snacks, we have made a list of all the essential things which should be kept in mind to make your wedding better than the rest.

Unique Wedding Ideas-

#1 Wedding singers in New South Wales-

Weddings are perhaps incomplete without wedding singers. They can light up your party in just a few moments with their melodious songs. Some of the famous singers in New South Wales are Stasia Very, Gabrielle Rumora, Tina Arena, Guy Sebastian, and Katie Noonan.

Stasia and Gabrielle are renowned wedding singers in New South Wales. They can also be hired for other functions such as birthdays, social gatherings, etc. Both of them have impressive voices and some incredible songs that can make your guests instantly get up on their feet.

#2 Beautiful wedding locations-

Some breathtaking locations in New South Wales are perfect for weddings and will wow your guests leaving a long-lasting impression. Some of the best places which you can choose for your wedding are The Langham Sydney, Doltone House Venue & Catering Collection, Gunners’ Barracks, etc.

#3 Reception area idea-

To make your wedding more enjoyable, give some place to dance as well as sit such as lounge area and dance floor. Fill the lounge space with sofas and chairs so that people can relax there.

#4 Pre-ceremony Cocktails-

Try something new by setting a table of beverages that are not too strong such as mimosas or ice teas. This would be a pleasant surprise for your guests as they might not be expecting drinks until the reception.

#5 Standout invitation cards-

You can upgrade your invitation cards by using anything more valuable than old styles paper cards that can easily get lost or people simply throw it away. Some fantastic ideas are that you can send a small basket of chocolates as an invitation. You can also use tiny wooden planks as invitation cards and scribe all the information on it.

#6 Luxurious welcome with DIY bouquets-

Your small effort can make your guests feel important and special. All you have to do is collect various types of flowers and tie a bunch of them together with a beautiful ribbon. Welcome your guests with these small yet elegant bouquets and impress them with this innovative idea. You can also add personalized notes to your bouquets.

#7 A wall of flower for photo shoots-

This is one of the trendiest ideas at every wedding reception. You can add a wall with flowers on it that make your wedding look more beautiful. Not just that, your guests can also pose and click photos there as a picture look best with flowers in the back.

#8 A baby sitter-

So, this might be a new idea for any wedding. Crying kids can instantly ruin the whole mood of any wedding and the guest. For which, hire one of two babysitters and set a small play area for kids. This will help people enjoy your wedding to the fullest, and the kids will also have a great time doing their stuff.

#9 Unique guest book-

If you want to make your guest book different from the common ones, then we have an excellent idea for you! Create an innovative jigsaw puzzle with a picture of you and your partner on it. Let your guest sign on the pieces of the jigsaw. Isn’t it interesting?

There are other things also which you can do with the guest book. Keep some note papers and attach a string on a wall. A clip the note on the string!

#10 First-dance confetti drop-

Your first dance will be surely a highlight of your wedding. So, it is important to add an extra-ordinary touch to that moment, and a confetti drop can do it all for you. If you have planned for a romantic dance, then use fresh flower petals instead of confetti drop.

#11 A hip after-party

Hitting the bar is probably the only thing which most people do after the reception ends. So, plan a post-reception bash with your friends and have an amazing time with them. Plan the bash in a place with a lot of space so that you and your friends can dance and enjoy. You can also add stuff like karaoke or other games.

#12 Personalized wedding cake-

The wedding cake is always the center of attraction. Therefore, it is very important to get a cake and cake topper that looks impressive to your guests. You can use customized cake toppers with your pictures on it. Or you can also opt for fancy icings and frostings.

Besides things, you can present your guests with cupcakes which have customized cake toppers. This will leave an ever-lasting impression on them and will also add a spark of excitement to the wedding.

#13 Surprise dance-

Choreograph a dance number with your partner for the wedding. This will be a surprise for your guests and everyone around and will also add an element of excitement to the surrounding. You can also ask your family members to join and make it more joyful.

#14 A Photo Booth-

Having a photo booth is the newest wedding trend. It looks incredible as it is a surefire way which helps to capture memories that your wedding photographer might miss. If you want to make it more special, and then outfit the booth with props such as snorkel gear, opera masks, etc.

These are the innovative ideas we have thought of to make a wedding extra-ordinary. If you have any other ideas in mind, then you can add them too. So what are you waiting for? Make your wedding more special with these ideas and create a memory that lasts forever.