Tips on How to Care & Clean the Delicate Jade Necklace

Jade is a precious stone and elegant jewel pieces are carved from it to mesmerize the wearer. With just a bit of maintenance, a jade necklace can last for generations and get a distinct position in the family jewel with the passing of time.

If you find nephrite jade necklace for sale and find it as a piece that can be carried ahead in future, then purchase it, and learn how to save it for a lifetime. In the following are some tips on how to clean and care of the beauties:

1. Wear It Regularly!

After a piece is carved, they soak it in oil that brings out the beautiful color. The pieces rarely lose the sheen especially when worn regularly as the oil from skin gets soaked into the carvings every time a person adorns it. There’s an exceptional case, if the jade piece is highly porous with time ‘whiter’ dried areas come in to notice. If you find this issue, then read ahead to rectify it!

2. Oil it!

All jade is porous, some are more porous than others and these pieces tend harder time retaining oil. Hence, regular oiling of the necklace is recommended to stop the white dry spots.

• Take a paper towel and odorless oil may be canola oil, dab the paper lightly and rub all over the carving. Avoid direct oiling on the cord.

• Let the oil remained on the carving for 5-10 minutes.

• Take a paper towel and remove oil from the pieces.

3. Avoid Dropping It!

It’s so obvious not to drop or bang the carving, but it happens in most cases. Handle it with care! Here are few basic rules to minimise the risk of damaging the piece:

• Wear it high around the neck, it’s because lower you wear the necklace, the rate of swinging becomes high and while moving it can get banged on some hard surface that can damage it or break it.

• While traveling, tuck it under clothing to avoid any crucial situation. Somewhere it to display the beauty of their jade necklace and some wear it close to their skin under clothing. It’s absolutely your choice, but while traveling tuck it under clothing.

• Next, whenever you take it off, place it on a soft surface like silk piece or cotton and preserve it properly in a closed jewel box to avoid fall.

4. Jade with Metal

Jade necklace for sale are made with silver or gold or some other component, which with time gets dull, darker and tarnish over time by reacting with different elements present in the air and it gets oxidized. This results in a color change of the metal. But tarnishing can be removed easily by the following the two different ideas:

• Use Jewelry Bath: It’s a process that gets completed in plastic jars with a strong solvent and a sieve. In this process, dip the pieces in and out of the mixture to remove the tarnish. Later re-oil it to get the sheen back.

• Use Jewelry Wipe: Purchase jewelry wipe from different online store or shops and clean the affected areas by rubbing the tarnish.

People love to own jewel pieces not exactly gold, silver, or platinum, but antique pieces, pieces made of precious stones and gems. For many people, jade carvings are those valuable things and they find immense happiness in getting or purchasing jade necklace for sale as it symbolizes love and care.

Jade necklace become more precious if presented by someone special and with correct knowledge it can be saved for a lifetime. And this will keep reminding you of the special ones and the connection you shared. Hence to do the same, follow the above guideline and happily save the jade necklace or any other jade jewel for a life time. Take the challenge, save it, wear it, and pass it on to your generations ahead!