Lacking Storage Space Issues Solved with Custom Church Chairs

Are your community members working hard to update the church? Is the renovation getting complete with fresh coats of paint, structural update, and design overhaul? Take interest in how the church space is being used? A simple idea to fasten the workflow and accommodate more space, custom church furniture that takes some time to build but fits in the best way possible in the church.

While renovation or remodelling a church space, the most important thing is updating the furnishings and it’s mostly kept for the last. It requires special management keeping in mind the finances and the space flexibility, as most of the time church’s storage space is overcrowded. Certainly, the traditional pews are the best option, but if it doesn’t match your plan of flexible furnishings for your small church space, then add on congregational wood chairs of solid oak, presiders’ chair, and side chairs for usage.

In the blog ahead, let’s find how custom church furniture fit and function well in any small sized or more populated church. The most important point is the sitting arrangement, so instead of using traditional inflexible pews, go ahead with stackable chairs that can be cost-effective, comfortable, and aesthetic option. Read on to learn more!

Higher Flexibility

The traditional pews add a soothing look in the ambiance of a church, but if spacing becomes the issue then reconfiguring your current building becomes the best option. When it’s the pews, a person allocates a space of about 18 inches per person, but people like to maintain their personal space and don’t like sitting that close, resulting in a lot of wasted space. On the other hand, chairs offer an individual space, are wider and more comfortable. The flexibility of chairs is unbeatable!

Another effective perk of chairs is set the sanctuary up for church services and later clear the floor for other purposes such as youth activity or evening dinner, etc.

Easy Stacking

The customized chairs are a boon to save spacing. Pews are the best for any church, but to solve the spacing issues adding chairs is convenient, comfortable and flexible option. A huge assortment is seen in the chairs with thick pads and effective back support, making them a perfect choice for long service hours. As no one likes to sit on hard wooden or metal fold chairs for that long!

Thankfully, ultra-comfortable custom chairs are available that can be easily stacked and stored. They fit-in together perfectly, so here are some stacking tips:

  • Don’t stack them too high because it will be difficult for the next person to remove the chairs.
  • Rolling racks are a good option of carting the chairs from sanctuary to storage. It will also ease heavy lifting and eliminate injury of any congregation members.
  • If chairs are more and ceiling of storage room is low, stack chairs horizontally.

Better Quality

If you have decided of adding stackable chairs to your church, consider the best quality chairs. Always prefer commercial and professional-grade chairs that will resist the thorough and rigorous use. Few features to look for while deciding on the chairs:

  • Chair padding i.e. at least 1.5 inches thick
  • For comfort make sure the chair seat padding is at least 4 inches high
  • Hop on a design that features enough support for comfort and ease
  • Durable fabric, solid plywood base with t-nut construction for a high use and extra stability
  • Chairs that are effectively assembled and tested to ensure chair safety

There’s no better choice than stackable church chair that will go through multi-use seating. If you’re struggling accommodating more space, then custom church furniture is best to manage the activity time as well as handle the growing congregation. A proper space idea will effectively save money and hassle in the long run.