All You Need to Know About the Microsoft Office for Nonprofits!

Microsoft Office for nonprofits has greatly streamed for vast popularity in the current world! Indeed, to qualify for a non-profit organization, you would be required and instructed to send a copy of your organization’s IRS 501 (c) (3) letter at the time of establishing your organization’s account.

Are you involved with the non-profit organization, and don’t get enough time to complete your everyday errands? You juggle between files and sheets to keep records of the work phase, potential donors, and upcoming events but fail to do so? By implementing specific software by Microsoft Office for nonprofits, the burden can be reduced sharply.

Now, be prepared not to forget any of the crucial details and not to miss any of the essential documents with the fantastic series of Microsoft software. From this blog, gain a potential knowledge of different everyday usage software that can make your work easy and appropriately reduce the workload with the all-new Microsoft Office for nonprofits now!

Microsoft Visio

is available in a professional and standard 2016 version that allows teams to simplify complex data to create and share data-linked diagrams. It’s a powerful diagram creation platform with a huge set of built-in stencils for professional and versatile design creation. Visio’s functionality includes updated templates, shapes, and styles; enhanced team collaboration support with ease for several people to work together on a single diagram and gain the ability to link diagrams to data. These Microsoft Visio versions are optimized for Windows 8 and higher.

Microsoft SharePoint

It is a web-based platform, which is primarily sold due to its document management and storage system. This particular collaborative software is available in 4 different editions – SharePoint Server, SharePoint Standard, SharePoint Enterprise, and SharePoint Online for varied usage among organizations. Its variant applications are enterprise content and document management, intranet and social networking handling, file hosting service, and many other custom web applications.

Microsoft Word

is ready to create a beautiful and engaging document that has a professional touch with its state-of-the-art reviewing, editing, and sharing tools. This graphical word processing program of Microsoft Office for nonprofits eases every typing works and saves future use documents. Just like any other word processor available today, it has varied tools to make documents better.

Microsoft PowerPoint

It is a power-packed presentation program that eases creation, collaboration, and effective presentation of ideas. It’s a standard component of Microsoft Office suite software that uses slides to convey information-rich messages in multimedia. In this, one can easily review and edit presentations while managing version history. Its productive tools include animations, custom shapes, and smart guides.

Microsoft Outlook

can be potentially used in both Windows and Mac. It’s an efficient personal information manager available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite for the non-profit organizations. Though mainly used as an email application, it also includes tools like task manager, note-taking, calendar, contact manager, journal, and web browsing. Outlook can be used as a stand-alone application or work for multiple users with Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Exchange Server in organizations to share mailboxes, folders, calendars, and meeting schedules.

Microsoft Excel

unlocks insights and helps narrate stories of data in spreadsheets. It featured a grid of cells arranged in lettered columns and numbered rows to organize different arithmetic operations. Intuitively save your data with charts, histograms, and line graphs for easy storage of valuable information. It has an amazing set of functions to answer financial, statistical, and engineering needs. Excel is a digital application that polls external databases, measures instruments using an updated schedule, analyses results create a PowerPoint slide show or Word report, and email them to the participants regularly.

Microsoft Access

is a database management system combined with software-development tools and a graphical user interface? This is specially integrated into Microsoft Office suite’s professional and higher editions and is also sold separately. It’s an easy-to-use tool to manage browser-based database applications, import, or link directly to data stored to run the business smoothly.

Use of Microsoft Office with non-profits-

If your staff is spread across multiple locations, the Microsoft Office for nonprofits from Genesis Technologies can be the perfect choice for you! Indeed, most of us are now adapted to use different devices, including smartphones and tablets for work. So, amidst all these, are you now ready to retire your in-house exchange server’s management? If yes, considering the Microsoft Office for nonprofits can be similar in your next plans, right?

Before you get the Microsoft Office for nonprofits, here are some things that may call for attention before purchase. To get started with, it is worth noticing the change in the name of the package. The Office 365 is now renamed as Microsoft 365! This change can be traced right from the end of April 2020, and there have been specific product names to change to reflect this new update. If you are looking for the perfect and genuine Microsoft Office for nonprofits, Genesis Technologies can be the best. The store is a Microsoft authorized reseller for serving different Microsoft licensing serving needs of non-profit customers and education.

Here is the list of the items that you get with the Microsoft Office for nonprofits. Follow on now!

If you fall into the category of eligible organizations, there are discounts and donations available for all known NFP sizes. To view these options better, we have broken the idea into simple steps to understand your organization efficiently.

Entirely donated plans/ free plans

Indeed, you read that right, and it is completely FREE! You can get the Microsoft Office for nonprofits free of cost or any other hidden charges. Moreover, the eligible organizations can also be fully donated with these Microsoft Offices for non-profits.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

This is generally applicable for a maximum of 300 users. Contextually, talking about the price you have to pay for this package is- NULL. Yes, it is free! This Microsoft Office for nonprofits is ideal for small to mid-sized NFP organizations. It is preferred that the organization’s size is not more than 300 users who are seeking to utilize the power of different Microsoft Office for nonprofits collaboration tools and cloud integration.

Here is what you will get with this package-

  • 50 GB email storage per user
  • The hosted email with unlimited archiving
  • Mobile and web versions of Microsoft Office for non- profits
  • 1 TB One Drive storage, and many more!

Office 365 E1

It is another free package of your non-profit organization. If you are a part or is owning a growing NFP organization with more than 300 users for utilizing the integrating facets of Microsoft Office package, it can be the best choice.

Here are the highlights of the things you would be getting with this Microsoft Office for nonprofits-

  • Hosted emails with advanced security features and unlimited archiving
  • Business-class 50 GB email storage provided per user
  • All the web versions of Microsoft Office applications, including word and excel
  • 1 TB One Drive storage
  • All-new Microsoft Teams- it is a chat-based collaboration hub that allows us to hold and host online web conferences and meetings up to 250 participants.
  • Yammer- share new insights and news across the different levels of your organization in the same way as of a corporate social media platform
  • SharePoint- Collaborate and share on content and files within your own organizational intranet
  • The package included the search and discovery tools for finding different files from across your Microsoft Office for nonprofits as an organization.
  • A video portal called Stream for sharing and uploading your videos across the levels in your organization

With that, we have covered the popular free plans for opting for the all-new Microsoft Office for nonprofits. Now, this is where we can understand the scope for choosing the paid Microsoft Office plans for different requisites.

Paid Microsoft Office for nonprofits – Small and midsize

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

The price for this package is set to around USD $3 per user/month. Yes, you can choose this plan to be an annual commitment. This Microsoft Office for nonprofits is suitable for the organizations which are small to mid-sized in functionality! The number of people in the organization is preferably set at below 300 users who require access to the desktop version of Office. The plan also comes with the best cloud services as well as collaboration, governance, and different productivity tools.

Here is what you will be getting with this product-

Apart from the standard inclusions as of the free Microsoft Office for nonprofits, this would also include some of the special features-

  • Business-class 100 GB email storage for every user
  • Enterprise-grade management tools
  • Intelligent business analytics
  • Information protection
  • Compliance solutions

Office 365 E5

This plan is well suited for the organizations which are still in their growing phase and have more than 300 active users who require the different versions of Office and access to the desktop.

Highlights of what extra you would be getting with this plan are-

  • Business-class 100 GB email storage for every user
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Enterprise-grade management tools
  • Compliance solutions
  • Intelligent business analytics
  • Information protection

Why do you need the Microsoft Office for nonprofits?

Indeed, purchasing the top products from the Genesis Technologies that, too, at the best price can be worth transforming a new change in your organization. In the current world, if you are opting for the Microsoft Office for nonprofits, it can be the right decision for all of us- Why?

With the use of advanced Microsoft Office for nonprofits, you can focus more on delivering your organizations’ mission effectively. The plan not only helps you ensure data security but also keeps you keep tracking your plans efficiently. The integrated cloud-based Microsoft Office for nonprofits can bring much value to your organization by helping you continuously grow and transform your journey through your NFP reach-more goals.

Compatibility with other Microsoft Office products

Indeed, you cannot opt for installing the different office applications from one of the Office 365 discounted plans on the same device. This device may have been used for obtaining office products through volume licensing. Yes, this is applicable to all the Office products that are available through donations.

Indeed, to know if your organization is eligible for Microsoft Office for nonprofits plans, your organization must fulfill different criteria. It is well-laid down by Microsoft. Here is a quick rundown for the same-

  • The organization should be non-government and non-profit. It must hold a recognized and legal charitable status as defined in your country.
  • It must operate on a not-for-profit basis with the mission of benefiting the local community.
  • User licensing may only be permitted for-
  • Volunteers
  • Paid NFP staff
  • Beneficiaries, donors, members
  • Unpaid NFP executive staff
  • Contracted NFP staff

The non-profit licenses cannot be referred, shared, resold, or rented to other organizations. It is also not applicable to the individual who is not eligible for a non-profit license.

To learn more about the entire eligibility criteria with the different terms and conditions for Microsoft Office for nonprofits, check this Microsoft web page now! At Genesis Technologies, we offer the most cost-effective and intuitive digital solutions for non-profit organizations, partnered with Microsoft!

As of the purchasing options, you can choose from three different plans for Microsoft Office for nonprofits. They are namely-
  • Microsoft Office Standard for Non-Profit
  • Microsoft Office Professional for Non-Profit
  • Microsoft Office365 non-profit

The bottom line

Opting for the best products from Genesis Technologies, you may also receive more benefits as a customer! Customers will receive download and the complete installation instructions with their volume license and serial keys directly from Microsoft. All these processes would be done within 3-5 business days! Microsoft Office for Non-Profit helps you present, publish, and create professional documents with time-saving features, built-in collaboration tools, and a modern new look. Consider the above editions of Microsoft Office for nonprofits and enhance your work mode. With all these applications and software craft, present, communicate and publish professional-looking documents at least time possible. Switch to accessible work mode with the above!