Why Let Your Dog Sleep On Your Bed Every Night? 8 Surprising Reasons

We often hear people saying that we shouldn’t invite our dogs into our beds because their fur could cause allergies and infections and it’s unhygienic to inculcate such habits. Many people follow this behaviour very strictly just to stay healthy and safe.

According to research and surveys, it has been concluded that sleeping with your four-legged companions at night has numerous health benefits. On spending the nights with your companion dog, you’ll realize it isn’t just you who’s better for all the cuddle time rather your doggy can cuddle you too. Your dog can also make you feel privileged. Though if you’re worried about aggravating allergies and asthma from dog fur, then having one from among the designer morkie puppies for sale is a perfect idea!

Every dog owner wishes to do their best to make sure that their little ones are as happy as possible.  So if you love snuggling up with your warm fluffy buddy, keep doing that for a better nap time. It’s a common practice and completely healthy for you and your dog to share a bed together. Check out these surprising reasons why you should do so:

#1 Enhance Comfort Level:

Owe it to the fluffiness, warmth of body or rhythmic breathing, dogs are just so comforting! They make your bed feel cosier and add happiness for a beautiful start.

#2 Helps Fight Insomnia:

On accompanying you to bed, they promote a sense of stress relief, calmness, and a feeling of safety. This basically takes away all the negative things that keep you up all night.

#3 Works as an Aid to Depression:

The first and foremost thing every pet dog offers its masters without any question is unconditional love. For fighting depression, the right kind of support is what people look forwards to. And when you have a four-legged little furry companion at home, this special connection can surely work wonders during your tough times.

#4 Provide Warmth:

The body warmth and tendency to curl up beside their human partners, radiates a huge amount of warmth to the bed. Though it can be a bit of a tough scenario during summers, who doesn’t love a little natural warmth on a chilly night! Warmth also leads to a good night sleeps that enables you to start a better day ahead.

#5 Snuggling Relieves Anxiety & Stress:

On having a dog by your side all night, its sure to relieve your stress! Dogs are considered a therapy animal and morkie puppies for sale are no less the best. Their positive outlook is quite contagious and is capable of throwing out stress and anxiety from your life. Along with these, a dog’s attentive nature can be very reassuring and on sleeping with them you can feel the same!

#6 Good for the Dog

It is for sure that there’s nothing your dog loves more than you in the entire world. For a dog, their master is their world, so snuggling up with them after a long departed time is the best time for them. Sleeping together is a means of conveying love. Hence, receiving the same love and comfort from you makes the entire sleep arrangement good for everyone!

#7 Feel Safe:

Knowing that there’s someone present aside, who’s watching over you when you’re enjoying the most vulnerable phase of your day is really reassuring! The tendency of super hearing and barking at strangers sets you perfectly into the sleep mode with worries and tensions aside.

#8 Enhances Brain Chemistry:

On touching your furry little companion, the oxytocin level in the body rises. To be precise, the other name of oxytocin is cuddle chemical that increases the feelings of relaxation, psychological stability and trust, which keeps our brain in a good mood!

All the points mentioned above, will help induce a better sleeping pattern in both the dog and dog lover’s life. When you find an option of morkie puppies for sale or any other designer dog, pick them as they are the best options to avoid any kind of allergies. Last and the most important point, when you allow your doggy on the bed make sure they are clean enough to share the bed!