Top Tips to Follow to Keep Your Parakeets Healthy and Happy

Budgies, commonly known as parakeets are lively, fun, bright and chirpy companions. This small, long-tailed, seed eating bird pet belongs to the Melopsittacus undulates family. This little bundle of joy can be your partner up to 10 to 14 years depending on their breed, health, lineage, social interaction, surroundings, necessary parakeet supplies, exercise, and diet.

In the following tips, a parakeet owner can learn enough to keep their budgies healthy and happy!

Budgies Like Company

Who doesn’t need a companion, but still if single parakeet is your idea, mirror will be an amazing option. Single parakeet will be an amazing companion and a mirror can accompany them in your absence. Though for an ideal companionship, a parakeet partner is the best idea. Again, if planning on multiple birds – keep them separate when young so as to encourage human bonding than just birdy bonding.

Toys to Play

Parakeets are active and playful. Parakeets get attracted to shiny, noisy and moving objects, so get some rings, beads, swings or bells from the parakeet supplies, which take care of small parts that can be hazardous for your furry pet. Be careful not to over-clutter their play or stay area and keep on rotating the toy options.

Keep On Altering the Food

No food alteration can be boring, so avail your parakeet some birdie treats, such as bird biscuits, variant seeds, millet sprays, clip-on treat sticks and occasionally fruit and veggies.

Exercising is Crucial

Though a parakeet can get sufficient exercise inside the cage, it’s good to take them out of the cage and let them run and fly around regularly. While doing so, keep the windows and doors shut and curtains down to avoid any injury. And remember exercise doesn’t mean only physical but mental too!

Be Trustful

It might take months to earn the trust as budgies are a bit but eventually will emerge with their lively personality. Start building your trust by placing fingers in front of them and give them time to be courageous and hop on. Next, try enticing them by nudging their lower chest with your finger. Be a little patient, to end-up climbing on you. Remember, never grab parakeets against their will, it can damage the trust factor!

Budgies Love Singing & Talking

They are a little bit chirpy and sometimes become quite loud. They love to sing, talk and squawk. They also sing along to music and sometimes on their own. You can sing with them, if you are not vocally-gifted, then play some music to them and see how they enjoy. You can turn on the radio for them and let them enjoy. They tend to enjoy talking and it’s absolutely up to the owner, how much they train the birds.

Maintain a Bird-Safe Area

Temperature plays a vital role in their life. Make sure, they are not placed near:
• Air conditioner or window as the temperature below 70 degrees doesn’t fit well.

• The cleaners and hot fumes from the kitchen can be harmful too.

• The vibration of refrigerator can disturb them.

• Too much of sunlight is also not good for them.

Clean Cage

Parakeets keep on dropping most probably every 12 minutes. It’s easy to clean the cage with a hose, but initially remove the toys, perches, dishes and other parakeet supplies. Make sure the perches and supplies are scrubbed free of droppings. All these simple steps can keep your bird’s environment healthy and clean.

At the end, you can conclude parakeets are a good companion and are quite affordable and do not seek too much of attention. And some simple steps is enough to keep birdy happy and healthy. These budgies or parakeets are a perfect addition to any family that are looking for a joyful partner and in return will be getting tons of love and care.