Plan a Tour in Nepal to Make Your Vacation Memorable

Nepal is one of the beautiful places in the world with lots of natural beauty. The spectacularly beautiful country with magnificent panoramic views of the mountains makes it worth visiting.

The small country with high peaks, diverse flora & fauna makes the place even more attractive for tourists. Apart from all these the place is blessed with peace mantras of Lord Buddha. The combination of spiritual power and natural beauty makes the place a significant tourist destination in Asia.

Best Places to Explore In Nepal

Nepal attracts tourists for many reasons. The call of Himalayas and the spiritual awakening makes it the perfect tourist destination. Nepal can be an exciting place, but it will be a cultural eye-opener with a life-changing experience depending on the mindset of the traveler.

  • Kathmandu City

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. It is a place with historical and cultural heritage. This place is known for god and goddess. The place with cultural sites and beautiful sightseeing are waiting for the tourist. It is also listed in the UNESCO as the top heritage sites. The shrine of Lord Buddha is situated on the hilltop which is the place for religious beliefs for the people of Nepal. Apart from this, the tasty and mouth-watering cuisines are there to give a treat to the tourist.

  • Pokhara

This place is situated on the opposite side of Kathmandu. It is located in the bank of river Phewa Tal. The city of Pokhara is a gift from nature to this beautiful country. The beautiful view of the lake and the surroundings make it the place where the tourist can spend their leisure hours. It is surrounded by green hills and Snow Mountains from the north side. The town has a cultural significance reflects the people’s lifestyle.

  • Chitwan

There is a national park which shows you the wildlife of Nepal. The national park of Nepal is spread in an area of 934 sq km. The diverse wildlife with an exotic species of birds makes the place best for tourist who loves to go on safari. The tourists who are nature lovers will get more close to nature once they visit the place. A wide variety of flora and fauna are there to explore. The world’s most endangered species like single horned rhinoceros, Royal Bengal tiger including other mammal’s birds, reptiles, and other species are there in the national park.

These are places where tourists love to spend the quality time with friends and family. Tours in Nepal gives you a lot of sweet memories along with the trekking and visit some of the beautiful peaks of Nepal. The tourists who love adventure are ready to accept the challenge. Going on a trek gives you an opportunity to explore the Himalayan culture.

Before going on a trekking tour in Nepal, the tourist needs to be medically fit so that you don’t have to face any types of health issues during the trek. People of all age groups can enjoy the trekking tours. Either old age person or a teenager it is complete fun to go and experience the Himalayan land with some adventurous games. Apart from the trekking, the tourist can also opt for rafting as well as other water adventure sports. The weather condition in Nepal is clear and dry. It is highly recommended to take the trek under the expert guidance. So get ready to explore heaven on earth and get the best experience.