Some Common Defenses in a Hit-And-Run Charge

Have you been involved in a hit-and-run accident or know someone who has been involved? In this case, you can take the help of an experienced Houston criminal defense lawyer to get out of the charges. There are several instances where people get panicky and ruin their case. The law understands that there are several reasons of a hit-and-run and your lawyer will have the job of proving the same in the court of law. The prosecutor, on the other hand, will try to prove you were involved in the accident and it was a “hit-and-run” accident as they suspect.

There are some common defenses a Houston criminal defense lawyer will pull out to keep you safe. Here are some of them for your information.

Only the defendant got injured:

If there is an accident where only the defendant is injured, it is not considered as a hit-and-run case. That means, if you are charged with hit-and-run and you are the only one who is injured, there can be no case against you. This is when you take up matters with your insurance company and they will take care of your medical bills.

Lack of knowledge:

This may sound a little awkward, but it happens. For instance, the accident didn’t happen due to a direct collision, but rather due to the reaction the accuser had for your driving, it can’t be considered hit-and-run. Moreover, if the accident was so minor that you had no reason to suspect that the other person was hurt, you might not be charged with this offense.

Only the defendant’s property was damaged:

In the case of an accident, this is another thing that matters as well. If there is only one damage after the accident and that is your own car, you can’t be charged with hit-and-run. The offense clearly states that it is violated only if someone else’s property is damaged other than the defendant.

These are some common defense that will be brought to the fore when a hit-and-run charge is being processed. Apart from these, there will be several other instances like the defendant not being involved in the accident or if the defendant didn’t leave the scene willfully where the charge is dropped.

Whatever it is, an experienced Houston criminal defense lawyer brings so much to the table. When it is about anything related to criminal defense, there are complex laws involved in it which are updated frequently. There are several layers of laws and rights involved in it that make it even more difficult to fathom. This is why a criminal defense lawyer who knows the local, state, and federal laws well is preferred always.