Step into the New Era of Medical Technology with Dragon Medical

From time memorial, there has always been a need for documentation. Imagine a world where there would have been no documentation. No written or drawn points that one could use as a reference. It is hard to imagine, right! That’s because we have developed through the thorough understanding of documents. Documentation plays an important role in the development of mankind and everyone will unanimously agree to this fact. With modernization and newer invention and discoveries, the need of documentation has increased even more. However, as the sharpest brain on the planet, we have developed ways to document everything perfectly and quickly. Coming to the latest tech addition in this aspect of documentation, we need to know about Dragon Medical. This is one speech recognition technique that has taken the world by a storm and especially the medical professionals. Everyone is talking about it and why not! It has the ability to recognize highly technical medical terms accurately. Here is a little introduction to the technological genius that is dragon medical.

The history

The medical industry is one of those industries that need to be updated with the latest in the tech world, since it makes it easier for everyone starting from the doctors to the patients, and even fellow practitioners. But how did it all start? Here is a timeline that would help you get to know the product in a better manner.

  • 1975- It was the year when Dr. James Baker framed up the rundown of the speech recognition system called DRAGON.
  • 1982- Dr. James Baker along with his wife Dr. Janet Baker founded the Dragon Systems, with himself as the president and his wife as the CEO, to release the products centered on the prototype. The first software was Dragon Dictate, which was released for DOS. The Dragon Dictate had some problems in understanding different words during a continuous speech input.
  • 1997- Dragon Systems released Naturally Speaking 1.0 as their first continuation dictation product.
  • 2000- Belgian company Lernout and Hauspie purchased Dragon Systems, and declared bankruptcy in the same year. The rights were then acquired by Scan Soft, a Massachusetts-based company.
  • 2005- Scan Soft acquired Nuance Communications and rebranded itself as Nuance.

This was a brief overview of how dragon medical speech recognition system was started and where it is now. Now that you know about the history of the medical gizmo which has turned everyone into an admirer, we can move on to the various benefits it has to offer.

Features and benefits

Dragon Medical speech recognition system is loaded with features that set it apart from every other gadget. Dragon Naturally Speaking uses the most developed technique to translate the doctor’s voice into a detailed, well defined clinical narrative. It can feed the data directly to the Electronic Health Record. Here are some features that make it one of the best devices to be used in the medical sector.

Deployment Options:

When we talk about the Dragon Medical speech recognition system, we are talking innovation. One of the best parts of this gadget is the various options it offers for deployment. You can choose from the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid options for the deployment.


One of the key features that make the Dragon Medical stand out is the ease of integration. You can integrate your dictated data with all major Electronic Health Record platforms like Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, etc. easily.


Once you start using Dragon Medical, you would find it easy to get your personalized data across all devices. The software is truly compatible with all gadgets, this gives you a sense of portability.


If you want to add more to your narrative, you can do so easily. You can add other healthcare apps specific to your needs and embed Dragon Medical for a coherent experience.

These are some of the best features and benefits of Dragon Medical that can help you work better, and document your work better. Now that you know what needs to be done to get your clinical experience documented perfectly without wasting much time and effort, what are you waiting for! Move ahead for a seamless experience of the power of speech recognition technology.