The Application of Vibration Isolation Pads in the Industrial Sector

With the increasing number of industries in the market, it has become a challenge for the business owners to maintain the safety level and a quiet, healthy environment for the workers. In the present scenario, vibration from the running machine is a common phenomenon in the industrial sector. With the increasing vibration, it has become difficult to maintain a peaceful environment.

Anti-Vibration pads are used to reduce the effects as well as make the environment safe for work. The vibration isolation pads are one of the cost-effective methods to isolate unwanted sounds and vibration from industrial settings. From the last couple of years, there has been a tremendous increase in the uses of vibration isolation pads across the industries.

Role of Anti-Vibration pads

The vibration isolation pads are made of rubber, cork, vinyl, along with the resilient and absorbent materials. With the installation of this pad, they offer highly sufficient ways to mitigate the negative effects of vibration. Due to this property, they are used to isolate the expensive and sensitive equipment. An anti-vibration pad works by creating an effective barrier between the equipment and machinery.

The anti-vibration pads might look like simplistic devices, but they are designed in specific ways with the combination of specific materials to withstand the high frequency of vibration. They are highly diverse products that are capable of stopping the vibration up to a great extent. The heavy equipment is placed on the top of the pads to increase the overall performance without creating a noise in the environment.

The vibration pads are one of the best solutions for several machines as well as equipment. The pads are highly resistant to aging, compression, water, oils, and other harmful chemicals. These pads offer considerable reduction and dampening of vibrations generated by the machines. They are mainly used for an application like chillers, compressors, generators, diesel generators CNC machine, centrifuge, shearing machines. They are easy to install as well as they are substantially cost-effective.

Features of the Anti Vibration Pads

There are some significant features that add a lot to the popularity of anti-vibration pads.

Some features are listed below:-

(1.) Easy to install

(2.) Reduce the point load vibration and noise

(3.) High-quality insulation

(4.) Easy to cut in shape according to the machine requirement.

Due to anti-aging and durability, these pads are have become common for use on heavy machinery and equipment.

There are some equipment and machine listed below where there is the use of anti-vibration pads

(1.) Centrifuge

(2.) Roll Grinder

(3.) Power presses

(4.) Textile Machines

(5.) Generators

(6.) Tumblers

(7.) Stamping machines

(8.) Forging hammers

(9.) AHU chillers

(10.) Lathe Machines

There are many more machines that use anti-vibration pads. The best application of vibration pads can be seen in the treadmills which reduce the vibration generated by the motor. The thickness of the motor varies from ¼ inches to 2.5 inches, which protect the floor and tiles from any damage.

By placing the vibration pads under the treadmill, the shock and vibration are distributed across a large area. The spreading of the shock and vibration leads to a considerable reduction of noise and vibration.

Why Vibration Isolation Pads?

Various reasons make vibration isolation pads the first option for the heavy industries.

Some reasons are mentioned below

(1.) Normal Conditions for operating: – There are several isolation products available in the market. If you have to install vibration isolation pads, there are several options available for you. These vibration pads are easy for installation as well as they require less maintenance.

(2.) Product Performance: – The flexibility to installation-vibration pads and to cut them in the desired shape makes the product performance different from others in the market.  This is the main reasons for the huge demand for vibration isolation pads in the market. With the high efficiency of the product, it became popular among the people when they see vibrations under control.

(3.) Flexibility for installations: – There is a vast range of vibration isolation materials that is available in the market. With the increasing application of vibration pads, it is also possible to use vibration isolation hangers for taking care of suspended equipment. It is the best for equipments which are suspended from a ceiling.

(4.) The Design suitability: – The vibration pads are designed according to the requirements and suitability of the equipments. It means that the vibration isolation pads can be designed according to the requirements of the machine.

(5.) Product Versatility: – The vibration pads also come in the form of rubber sheets and mats. They are extremely useful in equipment like generators and compressors. By placing the generators on anti-vibration mats, it is possible to reduce the level of vibration up to a great extent.

(6.) Tough Working Conditions: – No matter what is the place and what is the industry, the vibration pads are applicable to handle every adverse situation. These pads can tolerate chemicals, oils, etc.

The final thoughts

With the increasing use of heavy equipment, there is a huge demand for vibration pads. These pads can help to increase the lifespan of the machines. It has brought a revolution in the heavy industries as well as improved the performance and productivity of the machines by a higher margin. These vibration pads have contributed a lot to improve the work environment industrial sectors.