The Process of Geclee Printing Made Easy with the Enlisted Points

Being a photographer, it’s obvious that every click cannot end up in a frame hooked on the wall, but the special ones actually need to be printed and mounted, and can become a source of admiration. Before selecting the geclee prints of NYC, you need to understand whether the printing is done for selling or one’s own happiness.

What is Geclee Printing?

Let’s start with the pronunciation, it’s called ‘Zhee-Clay’. The word was taken from the French word ‘la giclee’, which means – it is sprayed or squirted. Geclee printing is a fine art digital print method made through inkjet printing to get high-quality prints.  It was introduced by Jack Duganne, an American printmaker in 1991, who described how ink is applied to paper during the printing process.

Though the cost is bit high, it has numerous benefits such as higher print quality, fast turnaround time, more control on the outcome, different types of paper used, and color correction.

Geclee is also termed as inkjet or digital photographic prints and is grouped into three different categories:

  1. Photographs directly printed from the originals.
  2. Photographs enhanced or manipulated in different editing software, photoshop, or lightroom before printing.
  3. Photographs once printed and then enhanced or manipulated for a better print and image.

Again, geclee prints in NYC is playing a vital role in the world of photography. The points that help in the production of the best edition of printed photographs are:


the degree of brightness of a paper varies on the scale from 1 to 100 from least bright to most bright. The brightness of paper doesn’t form the most important aspect but the image you want to print matters. From the points below, learn about the options you can select for your work.

  • When printing very bright and bold colors, use high on the brightness scale papers. It will make the print more vibrant!
  • When printing very light colors, use low on the brightness scale papers. Less bright paper creates a deeper and richer image.
  • When blending both light and bright colors together, use medium on the brightness scale papers. A picture is just about striking a balance between things.

Paper Finish:

The coated effects change the appearance of the printed item and are categorized into three segments – glossy, matte, and semi-gloss.  Understanding brightness, paper finish and the spectrum of granular variations, simplifies your mode of printing.

  • Glossy papers have a reflective coating that adds a bright and shiny appearance to the prints.
  • Matte papers vary in texture and smoothness. It has tendency to reflect , making it a good option for bright light and glass frame. Dust and fingerprints are of less concern on matte paper.
  • Semi-gloss papers lie in between matte and glossy effect. These papers resist fingerprints, display rich colors beautifully, and produce less glare as well as have less shine. These papers are also considered more durable than matte paper.


If you wish your prints last for a longer time, understand the quality of different types of inks available and learn how to take care of the finished print product. For instance, dye-based inks fade over time, so must be kept away from sunlight or behind UV protected glass. Use the best papers and inks and let the buyers know the special instructions on how to protect their purchase!


After the selection of right paper and the right ink, now it’s time for the equation that enhances the accuracy and vividness of the geclee prints – the resolution! According to the rule of thumb, 300DPI is considered the safest resolution for standard prints. To meets the determined criteria, first decide the size of your print. Both the pixel and print size will help understand the resolution well.

All these factors are considered for geclee prints in NYC to achieve an amazing piece of art for the walls. After being acquainted with the factors, one can easily convert a print from good to great and experience a pleasure that is worth it!