Things You Should Keep In Mind before Buying a Natural Wood Case Watch

If you are watch admirer who loves to mix and match with your daily looks every day, then you are in the absolute right place. The timepiece that you wear around on your wrist, needs much more knowledge before buying than you realize. In this blog, we will be covering different pros and cons of various watch mechanisms and will also aware you to keep these basic points in mind before buying one. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Innovative design

We should try and avoid natural wood case watch which has a long, protruding and bulky face. Nowadays most of them are substandard qualities which are being manufactured in China. Before choosing the watch carefully analyze the shape of the watch and it should perfectly suit you. If you want large dials or you prefer a discreet and elegant watch, there are a lot of companies which provide you such designs. You may also choose from self-winding and automatic dials.


When shopping for a natural wood case watch, you need to make sure that the retailers are confident about the product. In the event that you are opting for a secondary seller, this means that you have nothing to turn to when the time comes that you need to get your natural wood case watch serviced. These different types of secondary retailers do not provide any warranty, nor do they take care of the repair of the watch.


You should also ensure that they have been long in this business. Sometimes the extent of time they are operating in this business translates to credibility and reliability. Check the tenure of a watch company before you buy from them.  It is better to not go for a company who has a shorter lifespan than your natural watch.

Scouting the local markets

A large number of companies now sell the natural wood case watch online and courier them to your homes. Before placing such orders it’s imperative that you visit the local markets and get an idea about the price bracket. Sometimes the online option seems to be a wise one when it is clubbed with multiple discount offers, but in the hope of saving your money, you should not compromise on the quality.

So, once you have scouted the local markets and have an idea about the does and don’ts for the product, you can place the order.


I hope after reading this blog you have an idea on how to choose natural wood case watch. If you are an outdoor guy, this product will look very stylish on you. In the market, the rapid demand for natural wood case watch has been there for recent years. I suggest you go for one as apart from telling the time, every natural wood case watch tells its own story.