UAV Help In Disaster Response And Agriculture

UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is one of the best inventions in this time. They are fun to see and many people have developed a hobby out of it. Initially developed for use in the military, UAVs have found a way into the mainstream and everyone is happy about it. UAVs can be now used in several nonmilitary applications for the betterment of the society. There are several ways where a UAV can help including films, disaster management, agriculture, etc.. With the use of a proper UAV CDI ignition which will make the flight smooth, these uses of UAV are practical and logical as well.

Though there are several ways UAV can help, here we will discuss two of the most important non-military applications of UAVs.


Agriculture is undoubtedly one of the most important things that mankind needs to thrive. To meet the growing demand of agricultural goods, modern farming is now using precision agriculture. It’s a new concept of farming where technology is used to get a better ROI for the farmers. There are several technologies used in making this a reality. Technologies like GPS, satellite imagery, and even GIS are used to manage the application of resources and reduce the amount of time and fuel spent in the field. It is one of the finest approaches to farming. However, it demands a great deal of investment. This is where a steady UAV can come in to play. With a high-quality UAV CDI ignition, modern UAVs can help in providing the farmer with aerial imagery. A farmer can use high-quality aerial images to understand the field well. An effective monitor is generally not possible by traditional methods, which can be solved by the use of UAV. Moreover, using a low-cost FPV UAV can also help in getting the perfect first person view of several areas while being present at a single place. Currently, precision farming depends on satellite imagery and aerial imagery from a manned vehicle. This makes the entire state of affair expensive and time-consuming. With the use of UAV, the costs and efforts can be reduced by a big margin. “Precision Farming” is the contemporary method which will help grow the agricultural field by leaps and bounds. UAVs are just another way to make it easier.

Disaster Response

Another major area where UAVs can help is in the field of disaster response. Whenever a tragedy like the recent hurricane strikes, there is a lot of havoc and all the logistics are almost good for nothing. When nature strikes its worst, all source of human contact is often cut off. This is when UAVs can step up and get to the task of providing adequate information. After a natural disaster is over, hundreds of people might be stranded without any resource. The problem in such a situation is the lack of information. Using a UAV, the rescuers can get the best possible information about the stranded masses. Imagine a land slide which has disrupted the situation completely. In this situation, the rescuers need precise information about the land slide to help people who are affected. However, it is highly risky to get to the slide zone just to get information. A UAV can come to the rescue of the rescuers in this time. An FPV UAV can help rescuers get exact information of the situation. With the live information in hand, everyone can have a logical plan of action to tackle any current situation. UAVs can make the disaster response team even more efficient; all that is required is a good UAV CDI ignition that works well under adverse conditions.


Disaster response and agriculture are two areas which control a lot of our mankind. Protecting them will help everyone survive well. Modern technology can help several sectors and people to do well and make their lives easier. One just needs to know the right usage of the tech. UAV is one such technology which has the potential to do a lot of benefit to the society. One just needs to look at the several possibilities. In case you are planning to work on UAVs, make sure you have the finest UAV CDI ignition for a smooth mechanism.