What’s so Sacred about the Sacred Blue Ridge Mountains of NC

The Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachian range is one of the oldest known mountains on earth, featuring lush green forestry and clear blue skies from above. This sprawling mountain chain dipping slightly from the South Carolina to the dense areas of North Carolina showcases magnificent blue-green stratosphere along the peaks and high ranges. It cast a mosaic of blueness that no other states of United States have.

Blue Ridge Mountains are simply breathtaking

The gentle tolling mountains of Blue Ridge once stood as tall as the European Alps and are over 480 years old. They are fascinating because they some of the oldest mountains in the world and they harbor a very rich biodiversity for temperate forest. Some people even call it as magical mountains because e of its blueness. But, the main reason behind covering a blue blanket all over is the tress. The trees whose heights we admire and whose scents we crave produce “volatile hydrocarbons”, which sounds more ominous than they actually are. Don’t be afraid, they are just organic hydrogen-carbon compounds that can be found in many places, such as crude oil. One such hydrocarbon is isoprene, which is emitted by trees as a way to protect themselves from excess heat, especially in summer days. After it’s released into the air, the isoprene compound mixes with the molecules in the atmosphere, creating a distinctive bluish haze that made the Blue Ridge Mountains famous.

The Private Retreats are Amazing

You will fall in love with the sacred mountain retreat North Carolina. Blue Ridge is considered as an elite heath resort because serene private retreat houses that stays near the foothills of the mountains. When you opt for our private retreat you would wake up looking at the clear blue skies and the blue mountain that will put a lot of impact on your mind and the process of reaching a higher level. You can come to the wood in the National Forest and get lost in your thoughts. This will rejuvenate your “self” by keeping you away from a lot of stress.

Another biggest advantage of Blue Ridge Mountains is its pure mineral waters and calm surrounding. While staying at private retreats, one can enjoy various recreational activities, like camping, treasure hunting, tracking, or walking down the hot springs for an exotic leisure experience. There is a provision for meditation retreats near the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains to help you become one with nature and mediate to harness the highest levels of positivity. Meditation is a method of connecting to the known and unknown forces of nature at the highest level and these retreat spaces within the woods makes sure about it.

Every Season is Beautiful here

The Blue Ridge Mountains gives an opportunity of satisfaction, relaxation and rejuvenation in very season. Whether it is spring, winter, summer or fall, North Carolina’s exotic mountain range are simply beautiful. You can renew your spirit on a day hiking to the local waterfalls or horseback riding in the forested trails of the lower mountains. It offers proximity to the nature and its healing touch, which cannot be matched with any simple vacation.  Retreat houses provide an opportunity to create new friends and meet like-minded people. This place will elevate your senses and leave you in a state of total awareness.