Why Adidas Shoes are Mostly Preferred by Soccer Players?

Soccer is one of the most popular games played wide across the world. It is not only played at the national or international level, but there are several clubs spread wide across the world that organize football matches.

The soccer game demands immense stamina and agility. Many companies manufacture soccer equipment and apparels suiting the requirement of their target audience. Some are focussed on manufacturing jerseys and cleats for local level matches. While some other popular brands like Adidas, Puma manufactures apparels and equipment for top-notch players as well.

Soccer cleats are one of the most crucial and vital accessories that could prove as a turning point in any soccer match for a team, other than the playing skills.

One of the best cleats that are ideal for playing in almost all terrain is the Adidas Soccer shoes.

Given below are some points that state why Adidas soccer shoes are the best:

Adidas soccer cleats have captured and dominated both the fields’ and streets plays, unlike other soccer cleats. Adidas has manufactured different model of soccer shoes fitting into the requirement of different players both on the fields and on any other terrain.

Adidas Predator:

It is featured with a laceless design made possible due to the Primeknit used in the upper and stretchy sock fit collar. Combining it gives a snug fit to the shoes and keeps your feet locked without compromising on comfort. Further, the primeknit is covered by the layer of control skin to keep the shoes waterproof and making it ideal for all weather condition.

 A slightly thicker forged interweave integrated into the midfoot area comprising of both the medial and lateral sides to enhance stability and providing protection against rolling of ankles and jolting while changing directions.

Also, it provides boost cushioning in the insole and midsole. The boot provides stability during quick moves. The Predator is featured with hybrid studs and boasts improved rotation and traction. Further, it is ideal for multiple terrains due to its finely designed hybrid studs.

Adidas x:

This cleat is more focussed on speed while playing. The prime reason behind the designing of these cleats is entirely focussed on speed, and it is noticeable by the sleek lightweight design. Further Adidas have commercialized it as a sprint spike for soccer.

The cleats are designed, keeping in mind the philosophy of minimalism. Almost everything was stripped away except the necessities to keep the shoe as light as possible. The shoe features an ultra lightweight and skeletal weave made literally with a grid of woven fiber.

It gives a smooth and fine touch on the balls, making it possible for bending shots and twisting and turning the ball. Designed with laceless construction, it gives a comfortable snug fit, and its low-cut collar gives stability for fast running and quick changes in direction.

The 3D molded heel ensures a secure fit in addition to the cushioned zones for finest ankle movement.

The outsole is ultra-lightweight and is featured with arrowhead studs in the front and rounded-studs in the heel to enhance acceleration and braking.

Adidas X has been highly appreciated by many pro-players, and some big names would include Marcelo, Bale, and Suarez.

The main reason behind its immense popularity is due to the sprint and fast movement it offers and due to it being ultra-lightweight.

Adidas Nemeziz:

The prime focus of designing the shoe is based on agility and stands out from the other cleats ever designed. The cleat is designed by taking its inspiration from the wraps the boxers use while playing. The Torsion Tape of the 360 Agility Bandage system gives a snug fit and perfect hold for your shoes. The cleat is laceless yet provides a remarkable fit and ensures a high degree of agility while playing.  The cleat is designed keeping in mind the twisting and turning, and it is made possible with the Torsionframe outsole. Apart from being incredibly light-weight, the Torsion Ribs enables bending and twisting of feet to make sturdy strikes and changes in direction without compromising on support and traction.

Many players wear Nemeziz. But a soccer star who personifies the cleat is no one other than Lionel Messi himself.

Adidas Copa:

The Copa is a modern version of the iconic cleats. It has a leather upper which provides a fine touch on the ball and further enables to turn and twist your foot while playing for superior fit and comfort. The modern Copa is featured with a supportive compression inner sock ensuring tighter fit on your foot.

Adidas have learned to add all the finer details on the cleats to make it perfect for all plays.

The foam heel pad and the OrthoLite sock liner sits comfortably on the feet to give you extra comfort while playing.

The outer frame is lighter yet stable, and the conical studs give perfect traction that prevents slipping and jolting.

Things to keep in mind while choosing soccer cleats:

Position in the field:

Being a striker, you have to keep many things in mind that is the nature of your playing strategy. For example, players like Neymar or Messi are dexterous on the ball to set a goal. While on the other end, Lukaku or Rooney are fiercer on the field and apply a greater amount of force. Hence the type of soccer cleats will vary accordingly.

Similarly, if you are a defender, you would be looking for cleats that are more into stability and traction.

Goalies shoes should be a perfect mixture of sturdy material and sprint like built.


Choosing a perfect pair of soccer cleats will depend upon several factors such as the position on the field, the kind of ground you are playing, and the amount of traction you need. Further, if you are looking for cleats that are versatile or in short master in all areas look for Adidas soccer cleats. Apart from your expertise and experience in playing soccer match what would define a victory would be a perfect pair of soccer cleats.