Why Should You Choose 3D Rendering Design for Home Renovation

Home renovation is a painstaking yet exciting job. But, it’s a costly affair. However, saving a lot of bucks while renovating your home is possible only with 3D rendering. 3D rendering for home renovation can be a cost-effective and one-stop solution to meet all your renovation related plans and expectations.

3D designs are used to renovate single room, multiple rooms, as well as a large area. You can also use it to renovate an entire floor such as a basement.

Most of the times, people realize their mistakes after completing the renovation. However, 3D designs will enable you to visualize beforehand how the renovation will look like. In this way, it eliminates the chances of having any potential problem once the task is completed.

How 3D Rendering Helps You?

3D architectural visualization is gaining its importance day by day. Finding the potential issues beforehand makes 3D rendering one of the most preferred choices among the interior design rendering services in Houston TX. Apart from this, it helps you to:

  • See the flow and layout of the room. Accordingly, you can change your plan.
  • Envision the style of certain fixtures like bathroom faucets, lights, and so on.
  • Take the right decision for interior designing like picking the right color schemes, materials, and others.

You can see everything before commencing in a printed or digital format. Having a close look at this format will enable you to prevent renovation related mistakes.

What Are the Types of 3D Rendering Home Renovation?

Determine the scope of your renovation project while choosing the type that meets your needs efficiently.  3D rendering has been categorized into four major classes. They are:

  • Exterior Rendering:

It gives you a close up of the outer side of your house so that you can go for detailing. You can find out how the exterior factors like color combinations, siding, roofing, stones, and bricks will look once you complete the job.

  • Interior Rendering:

Are you going to renovate a single room? Then, this is for you. You can visualize your room and make changes in your fixture, texture, and color schemes accordingly.

  • Floor Plan Rendering:

If you’re planning a big renovation, give it a shot. From planning the design of an entire floor to multiple rooms, it can do all. You can visualize the layout and how the design is flowing from one room to another just by having a look at the digital images.

  • Bird Eye View Rendering:

Get a bird’s eye view of your residential property with Aerial rendering. If you’re planning to reconstruct your home along with its landscape, this rendering type is what you need.

How Much 3D Renderings will Cost You?

The scope of your renovation project determines the cost of 3D renderings. Within a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars, it will enable you to accomplish the task. As for instance, if you’re planning to renovate only your bathroom, basic 3D designs will cost you somewhere between $190-220. But, if you want a customized décor, you need to pay $399 approx. However, when it concerns big projects like renovating an entire floor or multiple rooms, the overall cost may go up to $1000, as it will require multiple renderings.

Irrespective of the size of your project, the overall renovation expenditure with 3D renderings is comparatively small. On the contrary, if you go for other renovation types, you’ll have to spend at least $5000 just to get a basic design. If you want a high end design for your room, the conventional renovation types will drain near about $50,000 from your savings.

If you’re considering 3D renderings to renovate your old house, take smart decision by hiring an experienced professional.

Why Should You Hire 3D Rendering Company in Houston TX?

3D renderings are not a DIY job. You need a professional assistance to save your money on the renovation project while getting the desired outcomes. Most of the big players in the real estate industry are efficient to execute the task.

However, you’ve to make sure that your selected company has already provided end-to-end services to some of its clients. Check online reviews to know how many clients are satisfied with their services. The company should give you a personal account manager to resolve your queries arising during the work.

Wrapping Up

Home renovation projects include several stages. As such, it’s always better to hire a reliable company to do it on your behalf. If you’re looking for 3D rendering company in Houston TX, consider We’re well-experienced in offering a suite of 3D architectural services. Our specialization in architectural visualization has enabled us to stay on the top of the list for years. We maintain an absolute transparent relationship with our clients. As a result, you’ll get what you pay for.