A Guide to Understand the Yorkie Mix Puppies Better

Loving and loyal are two important traits that gel well with the Yorkie mix breed. This designer breed is small, playful, active and cute – making it a great option for your child’s companion and beloved’s lapdog.

Yorkie mix breeds are active and have high energy which is evident from the fact that these pups keep on running around and barking all day. Yorkie mix puppies are often called Chorkies as they are a cross between Chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier. As both the breeds have different temperaments, prediction of the personality becomes a bit difficult! When the industrial revolution occurred, Yorkie mix puppies originated from a blend of English and Scottish terrier. 

Appearance and Build Information of Yorkie Mix Puppies

Being small in size, their weight hardly crosses 12 pounds for most breeds and the life span may exceed up to 16 years. If the one you have is an offspring of Maltese and Yorkshire, the color may vary from black, white to brown. It is seen that with growing age their fur gets lighter to white or golden in color. The structure of ear may differ and might stand erect or be floppy. 

Personality of Yorkie Mix

  • Yorkie mixes are not the ones who sit around and watch you, rather they keep on following their loved ones. They are confident, spunky; love attention and will surely reward the family with loyalty and love, but in return they demand love and care.
  • They gel well with the children, but needs to be watched when with small babies. If made to socialize from a young age, they get along well with other pets as well. Quite eager to make friends, in some cases they even go out of their way to interact with others.
  • The breed barks a lot due to their high energy and vocal. But proper training can help to tame them well.
  • Yorkie mix puppies make a great apartment dog and proper training can also avoid accidents. Love and care should be there regular perks. Addition of brisk walks in their daily life keeps them healthy and active. 

Grooming of Yorkie Mix Puppies

Yorkie mix breed possess a rarely shed and very soft coat, which requires regular grooming. Hair trimming needs to be done by professionals as these dogs are very fidgety, so using the right equipment is the best option. While trimming, take care of the hair around eyes and ears. They need frequent bath sessions to avoid greasy and oily fur. They need to be brushed, at most every alternate day or at least once in a week as well as every time after bathing.

 Activity level of Yorkie Mix

Daily exercise is vital for mental and physical stimulation. Small walking sessions and fetch the ball game sessions make them happy, healthy, calm and make them ready to head home and enjoy rest time.

 Temperament of Yorkie Mix

The Yorkie mixes inherit many positive characters of Yorkshire terrier. They are affectionate, loving, intelligent as well as barky, wilful and headstrong, which call for proper training. To add any Yorkie mix in life, educate yourself well for an easy transitional period.

Some have conflicts as well. For instance, mixes like Yorkie-poms and Yorkie-poos often have conflicting personalities, such as your Yorkie-pom can be a couch potato rather an energy ball or Yorkie-poo prey-driven or enjoy swimming over walks. Being mixed breed, variation becomes mandatory. Be ready for the surprise!

 Health perks of Yorkie Mix

Most of them are quite healthy as they are drawn from larger gene pool. They need daily exercise, regular vet checks, and a healthy wholesome diet to keep them healthy and happy. For mental stimulation, add food puzzles and games in their life to prevent bored and destructive behaviour in the long run. With age, they become prone to exhaustion, skin problems, eye diseases, and epilepsy.

All the above information, surely will guide to understand the Yorkie mix puppies better. Add them in life and love it!